Thursday, August 24, 2017

Jacob and Lydia: The Beginnings

There was a certain night that I knew was going to be special. It wasn't really very different than other nights we had gone out for dinner... but this time. Well, the day before had been a hell of an emotional roller coaster and this night was bringing the clearest sense of peace and belongingness that I hadn't felt... ever.

I have never really been the romantic kind of girl. I never really dreamt of my big wedding day or imagined "the perfect date". I never had envisioned what the perfect boyfriend would look like, say, and do and, quite frankly, I never even tried to find a boyfriend. But that man... the one sitting across from me taking me out to dinner... He was special. At the time I didn't dare to imagine any sort of future with him. After all, anything that I had imagined for the future before had always been crushed. But in that moment I was perfectly happy. I didn't worry about the future or the past and I just enjoyed being with him. It had been raining and there were little raindrops on the window that made the sunset a little blurry. I didn't feel embarrassed to take out my phone and take a picture. And the fact that I could do that without feeling self conscious made me happier than one could guess. I love those sorts of things, taking pictures and videos... despite my self declared tom-boyishness I am completely a typical girl in this area... always wanting to have a pretty picture and the perfect caption. I took a photography class when I was younger and I love to write. It just a hobby of mine... but a hobby that I don't like to let other people actually see me do. So when I took the picture of the rain dropped sunset through his car window it was actually a revelation to myself how special this man was.

At dinner he ordered sushi and I had a burger. We both drank beer. We talked and laughed and had a wonderful time. This was the night that began everything. The next day was 2017 Jazz Fest in Pensacola FL and he would be playing a trumpet duet with Wayne Bergeron. It was an exciting day to follow a perfectly romantic night. Since then we have had a lot of exciting days together. I couldn't even begin to try and document it all. I wish I had been doing that all along. But I was just so busy living life with him that I didn't make time to write about it later! I hope to keep up with things better now. I don't want to miss out on saving all these perfect moments we have together.

Like that one time we went to an antique store.

Or the road trip with my sister.

And the way he makes me laugh. Goodness I love him.

One of the most recent perfect moments was the day after I got back from a road trip from Idaho. We had been texting and calling another all the time while I was gone and he had really got me excited for the date he had planned for us on Monday. We went out to eat to a sushi place called Dharma Blue which was absolutely delicious. He told me an outrageous story about his time playing in the band on the cruise ship Celebrity and he had me laughing until my sides hurt, my eyes watered, and I could barely breath. Afterwards we went for a walk through the park where Jazz fest had happened and where we had told all our friends that we were dating. We walked over to the little church building on the other side called Old Christ Church where we had played our first duet together for our Chamber Music class at the University of West Florida. That class and that little church is why we even met in the first place. This square had a lot of good memories for us. We stood there and talked a little bit and then walked back to the gazebo where he had played trumpet with Bergeron. And then that was the day that began everything.

He knelt on one knee and proposed to me. I was completely surprised and I just started laughing and putting my hands on my face and giggling and the only thing I could say was "Oh my gosh." and "Oh my goodness" I wanted to cry but didn't because I was laughing. I always laugh. At last I was able to answer his question - all I could manage was just "Yeah" and nodding my head amidst more laughing. He laughed too and repeated  "Yeah?" His smile was everything that makes me love him.

Jacob Michael Dearrington, I love you. I am looking forward to a lifetime of laughter and new beginnings. I can't wait to call you my husband.

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