Friday, July 3, 2015

Friends From South Carolina

Some of you may not know this about me, but I was born in South Carolina. I'm not sure if I am what people call a "Southern Belle" since my mom was from Missouri and my dad lived in Michigan - his mom however grew up in the marshes of Alabama so I tend to identify myself as a Southern girl. I lived in the foot hills of the Smokey Mountains and grew up seeing snacks like pig ears, onion rings, and pickled eggs on the shelves in the grocery store. We didn't buy them of course because of my mixed heritage but I ate them sometimes at friends houses. The dirt roads were orange and the pine trees were so tall they seemed always about ready to topple over on me. I painted T-shirts and fence posts with squashed poke-weed berries and I mashed the buttons on the elevators. My parents watched NASCAR and shouted at the TV screen while I played in the backyard. I loved watching the Dukes of Hazard and would try to pull the same stunts as the General Lee did on my little pink and purple bicycle. I lived the first story of my life there in South Carolina for eleven years until we moved to Missouri. 

It's not the best picture, but it gets the point across, we went canoeing down Clear Water Creek. Oh, and there's that one kayak in the back.
While we lived there in my birth state we had many adventures, adventures that were shared with in particular, the Courtney family. This past week two of these long lost "family members" came to visit for a few days. I won't try to reconstruct our week for you but I just wanted to share a few pictures here on my blog instead of blowing up my Instagram feed. I'm thinking of all a' y'all, my sixty-two Instagram followers, so thank me please. ;) 

They got to our place Tuesday afternoon and the first thing we did was to load up the canoes and go to the river. 


The next day, Wednesday, Levi and Dad had to work but the rest of us went to the beach. And yes, I promise I have pictures of our friends too.

See, here they are!

Micah is throwing out his cast net in the background. Aunt Vicky is on the left and her friend, Mrs. Joy, is in the middle. And then there's Mom and Jubal of course.
We spent the morning here at the Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve and ate a picnic lunch.

This is the only picture of Aunt Vicky and I together, sorry Savannah for cutting your cheek off!

Jubal wanted me to find a hermit crab for him.

Here's Mama and my other mom, Aunt Vicky.
Later we went to Pensacola Beach and when Levi got off work he met us there.

Savannah, Levi, Me, and Micah

The wave is just about to hit Aunt Vicky and Jubal!

On Thursday Levi showed Micah a favorite spot of ours on Clear Water Creek where there is a big rope swing and the water is so deep that no one has ever touched the bottom. They also did some fishing in Bagdad. The rest of us went to the shops at Pensacola Beach.

We ate lunch at Shaggy's... Didn't spot Scooby anywhere though!
In the afternoon Micah and Levi and all of us (except Dad, he was still working.) went to Krul Lake, otherwise known as Munson Pool.

Micah taught Jubal how to fist bump.

We brought Micah down to see the mill and to bounce on the suspension bridge.

Friday morning came and I left the house for my usual Friday routine, piano lessons and teaching. Aunt Vicky was up when I left so I said good bye. The rest of my family said goodbye to them when they left the house around ten o'clock. Micah let Jubal sit on his motorcycle.

Well that's it for today! Sorry if all that seemed a little dry, I'm just not up for writing a longer post this time. We had lots of fun and of course the pictures didn't cover it all. I wish the rest of the family could have come but I am very happy to at least see Aunt Vicky and Micah again. I haven't seen them since I was thirteen or something! Well, actually, I might have been sixteen... anyways the point is, its been quite a while! I grew up with the Courtney's like they were my own family, doesn't feel like anything has changed a bit. I look forward to seeing all of them again as soon as possible. I love y'all!

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