Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Tree Farm 2014

As a little girl the anticipation for our Christmas tree was almost immeasurable. In fact it was, because I don't think anyone has invented a way of measuring anticipation. The point is, getting our Christmas tree, putting up decorations around the house, and watching Daddy and Mama stringing lights outside was one of my favorite things about Christmas.

For the tree all four of us kids would follow Mom and Dad to the attic where we would crowd around the base of the rickety ladder (I was always afraid it would break) and watch the top half of Dad disappear into the dim space. On this one day the attic was no longer a forsaken creepy spawn for all the monsters we would make up and scare each other with. On this one day the attic was a place full of delightful surprises and forgotten toys - so of course we would always clamor for Dad to take us up with him. And sometimes he would!

Watching from below the wait was unbearable. I am sure it would have been much easier for Dad to send us away so he could bring down the tree without being pestered and without worrying that he would step on one of us on the way down or drop the long skinny box with all the branches in it on our heads. BUT, I am glad he didn't because I will always treasure these memories.
After what seemed like ages he would get all the pieces down and we were ready to begin setting up our tree. Mom and Dad would set up the stand/trunk and then they taught us how to match the colored tags on the branches to the colored coded holes to hook them into. Little by little we would build our tree, being sure to fluff the branches the way Mom showed us as we went along. The evening was filled with delight and frustration as our little hands worked diligently. Mom and Dad would always get the top branches where we couldn't reach. Finally we had it! Our tree was complete!

We have had that tree for as long as I can remember. Nowadays though, like so many things in our life, things are different. We have been getting a live tree for the past three years. I am equally fond of this new tradition as I am of our old fake tree. This year we are happy to introduce this tradition to the new boys. I hope they will have as many fond memories of hunting for Christmas trees as I have of building ours every year.

Here are some pictures from our adventures on the Christmas Tree farm.

We started the trip off with a picnic.

Next we spent time visiting the various attractions such as the live nativity scene, a camel ride, photo boards that you stick your heads through and turn into snowmen, and a train ride.

This country girl can never pass up the chance to share some of her farm girl knowledge so I talked with the boys about this cows horns. The points have been cut off which is very hard on the animal and can leave it more susceptible to infection. The process is called de-horning I believe. I recommend dis-budding an animal instead if you don't want it to have horns. It is much more humane and doesn't leave the animal open to infection.

After the train ride we all went looking for the perfect tree. I am excited that we got a blue tree this year!

Lastly, we visited Santa Claus.

And then we left!

What are some of yall's favorite Christmas traditions? I wish blessings to you all and a merry Christmas!

With Love,

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