Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This picture looks kind of creepy...

Well, here we are. How have y'all been? It's been a while since I've posted anything. Life is really crazy right now. Adopting four boys really shakes things up.

Three of my little brothers go to two different schools in the morning and come home at three and four. They have a good time in school and right now its what's best for our family. While they are gone we scramble to get as much work as we can before they get home. Because when they do... well honestly most days, from the moment they walk in the door till they fall asleep at night our whole world revolves completely around them. Not always in a good way. It is very difficult but I love them all the same. Love them to pieces. I wouldn't go back to just the five of us kids again. Nine is a good number. We'll get through this. For everything there is a season.

I thought I would share with y'all some of the fun we've been up to lately. There was a local festival that we went to but I'm not going to share pictures from there this time. But, I did make a video for my brother so I guess I'll share it with y'all too.

What I want to share with 'yall today is our Halloween fun! We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating with the boys this year. I think I am having more fun now then I ever did growing up! Now, I know some of my friends may be against the whole Halloween thing, but let me just say... I think it is what you make it. Some people get really gory and I am really not into that at all, but for us, October 31 was a chance to dress up in costumes and get some free food and candy. And I'll make no apologies for my T-shirt. It's just a funny joke. Enough of this gloomy and prickly clarifying and explaining.... I still love you guys. Have a gander at all the fun we had!

We had Batman, a firefighter, Spider Man, a doggy from Paw Patrol (its owner insisted that he was both an alligator and dinosaur instead), and a giraffe.

Sorry I can't tell y'all who is who, no names until the adoption is finalized!

Mom bought matching shirts. They were supposed to glow in the dark but the didn't.

Eating hot dogs and popcorn.

Look at these two cuties! It's so sweet, these two are the best buddies.
Yay! This is the best picture we managed to get. Haha
I really like this picture of Savannah and I.

There was a bounce house the boys had a lot of fun in and a dunk tank that Savannah twice. The second time she made a dunk the first throw. My friend and her family were there so we had a nice time talking. I really enjoyed the not too cool weather that night.

I remember trick-or-treating in our neighborhood was always cold. Every year I would tell myself that I was not going to wear my (absolute favorite) princess dress again because it was always so thin and I would freeze! When we got home we four would dump out our candy and set up a trading post. We all would pick a certain candy that we wanted to get all of and make deals to get as much of that kind as we could. Inevitably there were always at least two of us that were going for the same kind and our bartering would turn into a bidding war. That always made the other two very happy.

Trick-or-treating with these boys wasn't very different than the times we went trick-or-treating. They didn't trade candy at the end of the night. They cant even manage to share toys. We'll divide the candy up for them (One of their buckets were lost) and I'll take all the Almond Joy bars that I find.

I hope y'all had a fun Halloween! (or weekend) Much love and blessings, I miss you friends!

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