Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Hopping on to Say Hello

Hello all, I know I have not been active on my blog for a while. Maybe yall can guess why? Yes its true, I'm pulling the "we're in the process of adopting four boys two of which are twins" card.

Since they've moved in things have gone just as I expected. It's been hard, very tiring, amusing, a little hard on the heart strings, and above all else absolutely incredible. I think I have kind of overrun my friends newseed on Facebook with little stories about them. I will share a few of them here just because I know some of my readers don't have Facebook accounts. Don't worry though, when we come to that part I will warn you so those of you who have been following me daily won't have to read it all over again.

I guess the main point of this post is to let yall know that I'm still here, alive and kicking. Well, alive at least. At the moment I am using the little store of energy I have left to write this for yall. I've been sick the past few days and it's just been really blah. Today I went out in the pouring rain to check the mail. It was really exciting and has been the highlight of my day. Understandably, it probably would have been the highlight of the day regardless if I was sick or not. Still, the adrenaline rush I felt walking through the huge puddle that is our yard was nothing like I've felt since the day we spotted the parking lot after a two day hike with only two meals between them.

I've had my birthday since last talking with yall and I've made plans to take a nine day trip up north with my Grandma. We are going to Detroit to see the old home place and go to church. We'll probably take a short jog into Canada too. We'll also spend some time up in Traverse City with family. It's a fifteen hour trip that I am not looking forward to driving, but I am excited to be going. I'll be lugging along some of my school work too and try to get some work in at night before I go to bed. The rest of the time I suppose we'll be busy. I'll write a blog post about our trip when I get back.

Now, here are some Facebook posts for yall and a few pictures. I'll try to get back into Musical Monday as soon as I can. As it is though, it's going to be tough to find a good time to record without little guys playing the accompanying background track.

September 1
My birthday dessert in all it's glory. Yay! Mom did a great job. These were delicious and surprisingly rich!
August 25
Last night all nine of us crammed into the corner of our large sofa to listen to Daddy read the Bible story book. We were stacked in a double layer with big ones on the bottom and little ones in our laps. Dad read about John the Baptist, how his special job was to get everyone ready for Jesus, how he baptized the people in the river an how he dressed in itchy clothes and ate locust. "Locust are grasshoppers." Dad explained. Cries of disgust filled the room and noses were scrunched in disdain. "Eww!" "Gross!" "That nasty!" Mama speculated that dipping them in honey probably made it a little better to eat.

Today the boys brought home their caterpillar they had taken to show their teacher. Just like the slug they brought last week the teacher put it outside. When the slug came home Mom put some water in the little container because the poor creature looked all dry and shriveled. Nate emerged out of the bathroom carrying the caterpillar who was desperately trying to climb up the few blades of grass to escape the water that had suddenly filled his home. I guess Nate remembered the slug.
Of course Sammy and Jubal were excited to see their brothers little bug. "What that?" They asked. "It's a caterpillar." I held the little cup with the caterpillar that I had took from Nate on account of my fear of him spilling, and brought it down low for them to see. Jubal clutching his soccer ball pillow asked me, "Can we eat caterpillar?" "No we don't eat caterpillars sweetie." Amongst the clamoring to tell us all about their bug and the admiration from the littlest brother I barely heard Jubal pouting softly in his pillow, "I want eat caterpillar. I want eat caterpillar."
Savannah lead the four little boys caterpillar cup in hand on an expedition to find a suitable spot to let it go and I was left inside to tell Mama about her son's adventurous taste palette.

August 16
In my day dreams as a young girl I would imagine my self a mother with a daughter around four years old. I would sit in front of my vanity combing my hair and doing my makeup. Beside me sat my little girl. She would gaze at me in the mirror resting her chin on her hands. "Mama?" she would say, "You're pretty." We would talk, and I would hold her on my lap and let her try on my lipstick.
When Jubal was born I secretly wished that he would watch me put my makeup on. We would talk, maybe he wouldn't say I was pretty but I hoped we would have some bonding time. I hoped that my little brother would look up to me and eventually talk to me about girls.

Well I don't have a vanity and make do with a regular old bathroom. Jubal doesn't watch me put my makeup on, and he isn't old enough to be asking me about girls. Our new boys though, seem to have an internal alert system that goes off every time go into the bathroom, for makeup purposes or otherwise. I don't wear makeup all the time but when I do they always find me. They congregate in the bathroom, bringing various toys with them and usually play on the floor or sit on the edge of the tub. They don't stay the whole time, normally they will come in and out. They ask me questions, "What you doin'?" "Is that your makeup?" "What dat?" They pick up my hairbrushes and 'brush' their fuzzy hair. They point to my flatiron and inform me that it's hot. "You put your lips on?" if I am wearing lipstick.
Today when I was doing my makeup they all came and they all went and they all asked questions. Sam returned after a short absence. He was rubbing his tummy. "My tummy hurts. I need put makeup on."
"Is makeup going to make your tummy feel better?"
He shook his head matter-of-factly and stuck out his fat lip with confidence, "Yeah."
Well hey, if we don't talk about about girls, and if they don't tell me I'm pretty, at least we're having some bonding time.
August 14
We took a trip to the Naval Aviation Museum with two of my favorite cousins in the world, Valerie and her son Aidan
August 14

Sam and I spend some quiet time after a big family day with cousins. I'll be sharing pictures from our day soon

August 2
Four of the littlest brothers taking a break from swimming at our friends house.
So that's it for now. Maybe I'll get another post in sometime soon, maybe not. I hope all yall will continue following my blog. I have intentions on making it something worth keeping up with sometime in the future. Right now it's mostly a journal that only my friends and family would be interested in. Still I'll keep writing and maybe eventually it will turn into something notable.
 Love yall and miss you my friends! In His name, blessings and peace!

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