Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're Adopting!

Today was the beginning of a totally new part of our lives. We're adopting four little boys! I know I haven't said anything on my Facebook account, or in person, or on the phone, but yes it's happening. Three months ago we started the adoption process - home study, meetings, Mom and Dad had to go through adoption classes, phone calls, paper work. Before we knew it, all the preparations were made and we just sat back and waited. Before we knew it, we were matched with these boys.

        Today the paperwork was signed and we were matched to the boys officially and today we met them for the first time. They came straight from daycare to our house. I was so worried before this that they wouldn't like us. I was afraid they wouldn't like me because I was so much older than them. They pulled in a mini van with the case workers and Mom, Dad, and Savannah went out to meet them. I realized Jubal wasn't with them so I looked and found him with his face buried in his pillow and his eyes squeezed tight. He has been so wild with excitement today about meeting his new brothers, he has been singing songs lately about getting more brothers. "Today my new brothers come!" he says. Well, now of course he was shy. I took him out to the back yard where everyone was. He clung to me and kept his face mashed against my shoulder with his eyes closed. It wasn't long though till he got brave and started to play with the boys.

          Everything went really well. We played, we ate supper too, they got here at five o'clock. They looked all around the house, examined all the beds, asked to see our room and jumped on Mom and Dad's bed, that is, until one of the ladies told them to get down. I remember sneaking in Mom and Dad's room and jumping on their bed too. That's some high risk fun I tell ya. I showed two of them the bees.
       Saturday they are coming to spend the night and they're coming to church with us this Sunday! I can't wait to be a big sister to all these boys. I'm gonna take them places and I'm going to be the cool sister they come and visit and stay with for a week or something, and I can take them to soccer games and all that jazz.
        Are you still reeling from this huge news? Well let me tell you how it began. Many many moons ago.... okay maybe I am just a little too excited right now. Anyways, adopting is not a new thing for our family. My parents have wanted to adopt, as far as I know maybe earlier, since I was about nine years old and I have been telling myself for just as long, that if we never adopted I would adopt when I got married. For my parents it never seemed like the right time to adopt until now.

           It has been incredible to watch God's providence throughout this process. Everything has gone smooth as butter, not even a glitch. It's only been three months since we started this and already we've been matched. I would have never guessed this was coming a few years ago. To look back and see where God has been directing our lives is astounding. The suffering and pain we went through, the awful nights I cried myself to sleep, or the nights I didn't sleep at all - everything, all of it has been leading towards this. Without all of that I don't think this would even be happening. From the outside looking in we're just a regular family and there's nothing extraordinary about our decision to adopt. In reality adopting these boys is something that could not have been possible a few years ago. God can take the most messed up people and make something good out of them. The more I live my life, the more I see just how infinitely loving and forgiving and benevolent my Heavenly Father is. His grace is boundless! When we mess up and make a horrible mess of our lives God doesn't look at us and leave us because such horrible sinful people couldn't possibly be his children. No, he looks at our sin, hears our despair because of it and says, "Here, let me cover that with love. Let me take this nightmare away. Look, you can be beautiful." He cleans us up, fixes our lives, takes away our sin and we are made new. We are beautiful because of him. God forgives and God makes new.

From the outside looking in, this is perfect. From the inside looking out, this is unbelievable.


  1. So happy for you all and your new boys! That last line, "From the outside looking in, this perfect. From the inside looking out, this is unbelievable." Perfect...just perfect!

  2. So happy right now! And a bit overwhelmed, how am I going to have time for school and piano with all these boys? But I am really glad though. :)


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