Sunday, February 23, 2014

Setting Brush Lines on the Blackwater

Saturday I decided to treat my Saturday like a Saturday. I slept in and woke with the intention of having some fun. I sounded off some ideas to the boys but they didn't go for any of them. Then Zachary suggested going fishing.

So Saturday we went fishing. First Zachary and I went to town with Jubal to pick up some supplies. We bought chicken livers, hooks, line, nets, a fishing pole for Jubal, and I picked up some groceries I had forgotten to buy the day before. By the time we got back home it was noon. We dropped Jubal off to take his nap and the rest of us four went to the river to set some brush lines. Here are the pictures for that.

First we look over our gear.

Then the fun part, setting the lines. First you tie the line onto a hook. In this case both the hook and line are big because we are going for catfish and it has to be strong enough to hold the fish there for several hours until we come back to check it. After you tie the hook on you take a piece of chicken liver and put it on the hook for bait. You have to be sure the liver is hooked securely otherwise the strong current will wash it right off. The chicken livers have been left unrefrigerated for a while with some minced garlic which makes it smellier and helps to firm up the livers.

Savannah sets a crawdad trap.

I stuck my phone between a vine and the tree trunk it was growing on. It made a perfect perch. Ha!

Zachary shows me how to make sure the hook is tied tightly to the line.

When it was my turn to set the line I was very nervous. I've never done it before. The water was super deep, it was above my waist! Eventually I found a root to stand on which fixed all my problems. The water was super cold and my very big boots were no help to keep dry.
I finally got it!

Zachary and I are weird.

Zachary tries out his cast net he had bought earlier in the day at the flea market. Unfortunately, nothing was caught.

Savannah sets a line too and manages to hardly get wet at all. 

Levi stays dry too!

Levi climbed this tree a lot further out over the water. Zachary is preparing another line  to set. He didn't get wet either.

Except for when they crossed the river! Levi and Zachary decided the opposite bank would be a perfect place to set a line. Here is a video of them swimming back.

(Sorry about the shouting... my voice sounds so weird. Check out the cardinals that fly by! I think only one shows in the video.)

After all the lines were set we went back home. Jubal had finished his nap so after changing into dry clothes we went out again. This time to a different part of the river. We drove down the road just a little ways and dropped Zachary, Savannah and Jubal off where the bike path, that runs behind our house into town, crosses over the road. They walked down the path a little ways to the bridge that crosses over the river. We have seen fish there before so thought it would be a good place to try. Levi and I went to go pick up some supper and bring it back. 

When we got back there were no fish to greet us, but a very happy little brother came running to meet us. He had been looking forward to this fishing trip all day. 

We ate our picnic supper of Chinese take out on the bridge.
We were home by six-thirty and got all cleaned up for church.

Sunday after church Zachary Levi, Jubal and I left right after the fellowship meal to go check on the brush lines. All the lines were empty.

Except one!

Yes it's small, but it was fun.

Jubal had lots of fun checking the lines with us. He was impressed when he watched Levi swim across the check the line on the opposite bank. The boys told him all about how brush lines work and how they catch fish. He is learning a lot. Do y'all remember the crabs? (The crab part is at the bottom, it not apparent in this post but we showed Jubal the crabs and told him all about them. He came out with Levi often to help check the trap) As we came back to the truck the boys put the gear away. I held the fish in the net in the water and Jubal plopped stones into the river. I told him that the fish likes to be in the water. He answered me saying, "And then we eat fish!" 

We brought the fish home and Jubal watched as Zachary filleted it. Soon however Jubal began to be upset, "But fish want stay in water!" I told him "Yes the fish likes to be in the water but God made the fish for us to eat. The fish swims around in the water for a while but then its our turn to eat it." After that he wasn't quite so upset but he left to go do a puzzle. 

"But fish want stay in water!"

Zachary finished filleting the catfish and I got out the things for him to batter it and fry it. When it was cooked Zachary tried to get Jubal to try a bite but he wasn't too keen on it. 

Oh well, maybe next time.

We had a great time, I look forward to making this a habit. The place the boys swam over to the other side is a nice place to swim. The current isn't too strong for Jubal in the shallow water and it will be fun to jump off the log like the boys did and swim across. Hopefully by summer time we will have a canoe of our own.

Yippee for a fun weekend! 

"Count your blessings, name them one by one..."


  1. When you have to swim but there's a baseball hat involved, the hat gets removed and stuffed down the front of the t-shirt.

    LOVE Jubal trying the fish. Perhaps he's more of a lobster kind of guy?

    Looks like a fabulous time. Sure miss them but so glad you've got your brothers home! :)

    1. He's had fish other times and liked it. He wasn't even really hungry when he tried it so that had something to do with it and maybe he just never realized what a fish was until then.

      I am glad their back too. Our house is too normal and boring without them. ;)


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