Sunday, February 23, 2014

Setting Brush Lines on the Blackwater

Saturday I decided to treat my Saturday like a Saturday. I slept in and woke with the intention of having some fun. I sounded off some ideas to the boys but they didn't go for any of them. Then Zachary suggested going fishing.

So Saturday we went fishing. First Zachary and I went to town with Jubal to pick up some supplies. We bought chicken livers, hooks, line, nets, a fishing pole for Jubal, and I picked up some groceries I had forgotten to buy the day before. By the time we got back home it was noon. We dropped Jubal off to take his nap and the rest of us four went to the river to set some brush lines. Here are the pictures for that.

First we look over our gear.

Then the fun part, setting the lines. First you tie the line onto a hook. In this case both the hook and line are big because we are going for catfish and it has to be strong enough to hold the fish there for several hours until we come back to check it. After you tie the hook on you take a piece of chicken liver and put it on the hook for bait. You have to be sure the liver is hooked securely otherwise the strong current will wash it right off. The chicken livers have been left unrefrigerated for a while with some minced garlic which makes it smellier and helps to firm up the livers.