Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carpenter's Park

This afternoon was lovely! The weather was gorgeous! Zachary and Levi took Jubal outside and showed him how their traps work. Savannah put the sides up on the tepee for Jubal. I sat on the flower bed wall an read my Bible. The birds sang, the breeze blew gently and Spring seemed to say she was on her way. I walked around the yard and took a few pictures.  


The yard proved too small for such a wonderful day so it wasn't long before I proposed a trip to the park.
Everyone thought it was a great idea. Savannah packed Jubal's birthday picnic lunch bag full of snacks. Animal crackers, bananas, grapes, tangerines, and popcorn.
Mom and Dad stayed behind and the rest of us five climbed into the big white truck. Zachary turned the country music up loud and he and Levi sung bits and pieces of songs they knew along with the radio. Soon we were at the park.

I won't bore y'all with long details, but here are some pictures you will enjoy.

We walked all along the banks of the river.

Zach said he thought these ones were called Runners.

There were lots of ducks. 
We ate the snacks here on the floating dock.
The water is so clear!

I thought this picture was pretty neat. :)

The big white ones with orange bills are called Pekin ducks.

These black and white ones with the red faces are called Muskovies.

All five of us.
After exploring the river banks and eating our snack we spent some time on the play ground. By that time it was beginning to get rather cool so we headed home again. We had a wonderful afternoon.

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  1. Fabulous! Had to laugh, I recognise some of the clothes on the line. :) Looks like it was a lovely day, indeed, and very well invested!


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