Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carpenter's Park

This afternoon was lovely! The weather was gorgeous! Zachary and Levi took Jubal outside and showed him how their traps work. Savannah put the sides up on the tepee for Jubal. I sat on the flower bed wall an read my Bible. The birds sang, the breeze blew gently and Spring seemed to say she was on her way. I walked around the yard and took a few pictures.  


The yard proved too small for such a wonderful day so it wasn't long before I proposed a trip to the park.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding Joy in the Daily Grind

This year in 2014 I made a decision to live my life more intentionally. It is something I need to do.

For seven years now I have been living a life of reaction.  A life of counter moves and murky instincts. A life with no goals but only a frenzied effort to stay alive and afloat. No it was not always a struggle all the time, more like an inflamed zit ready to burst with puss. Sure you can cover it over with makeup, pretend it's not there. I could hide my problems, tell myself its just normal, I could even forget for a little while; but the slightest little prick and the zit bursts. The slightest upset, the most unintentional slip up with my words, or even a vengeful thought left unchecked can and did bring my carefully constructed world crumbling down around me over and over again. I could not escape the ugly reality of sin. Wherever I turned I saw the rotten effects it had on me and my family, it's oozing appendages wrapping itself around us, separating us. And I was afraid. I tried and tried to build up the walls, walls ill-equipped for such a job... because hostility, distrust, and fear are no good to keep sin and its consequences at bay. Only Jesus can do that. So I lived a fairly normal and almost healthy looking life hiding it all. Reacting but not living.

Then our house burned down. Then my baby brother was born. Then God rescued me. Then he wiped away all the ooze and gave me new walls. Walls with Christ in them, walls of love, and trust, joy, and hope. These new walls do a bang up job at keeping Satan away. Still 2011, 2012, and 2013 were way too insane for me to do anything but react. This time though, it wasn't a wandering kind of instinct. It was me clinging with all my life to the One who gave me life, waiting for the winds to stop battering me, waiting until I could start again. And here I am, 2014 and the winds have died down. The rain has stopped. I am ready to start again.