Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caroling at the Abortion Clinic

          This morning I woke much earlier than I usually do and went with Dad to sing carols and pray at the abortion clinic. I had never been there before today and the experience was not as I expected it to be. The innocent looking building sits behind the Hobby Lobby surrounded by equally non-descript vehicles, holding average looking people. The moon still glowed in the dark sky when we arrived at 6 am and a light wind made little chills scurry up my arms and around my shoulders. The same wind had more force further above and the wispy clouds furled around the moon.
            As I walked down the road towards the group of people who were there for the same reason as I, I was affronted by many signs with the faces of children, signs with pleas for woman to choose life, signs offering help and hope. Pastor Brito's voice swelled as he read the Word and Dad and I quietly slipped into the group.
            I didn't have time to think anything at first, in fact I tried not to, but soon the thoughts would press through.