Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello There

Hello friends and family, it has been quite a while since we chatted hasn't it? I think three months is the longest I've ever been absent on my blog before. Sorry about that, I sort of have been avoiding this talk. Because you see, I fear I may have grown boring. Well I don't know, it's just a different feeling this new life it really is still new to me. Ordinary things happen to me now, and I don't really know how to deal with ordinary. It is taking some getting used to. But I will try to spare you my wandering thoughts and will give you a recap of what has been going on here in Florida. (Golly, that still sounds strange to me. Florida. Hmm.)

 Independence Day our fireworks got rained out. We had a small family cook out and ate inside. We ate our burgers in lettuce wraps, that's a first. It was very tasty.
I have been playing piano for church. I don't know if I told y'all that yet. I am very happy to because it has been a dream of mine since I was five years old. I love the parlor grand piano it plays beautifully. There is a bit of a sound discrepancy between myself and the congregation because we are so far apart from each other. I managed to compensate pretty well but sometimes with an unfamiliar song the lag is all too apparent. It keeps me on my toes and I really do enjoy it.
Jubal talks a lot he is such an enthusiastic two and a half year old. He is making his own little friends at church. We always bring a few trucks with us and he shares with his buddies.
I have been caring for our friends mother/grandmother in their home. I like to play music for her on the piano. She generally enjoys it but I have to remember to do it early in the day otherwise she gets a little irritable and doesn't like any loud noises. She likes it best when I play and sing the old familiar hymns.
I baby sit three little cuties. One is six years old the other three or four and then a baby. I like to play music with them too when I am over there. We get out drums, bells, shakers, and the piano and play orchestra. The oldest is very crafty and almost always gives me a drawing.
The men and ladies from church have been going through "Joy at the End of the Tether" it is a book studying Ecclesiastes. The ladies have also been having craft nights which are fun.
The garden has died. Mostly because all the rain we had been having drowned it. I suppose we could have kept it going a little bit longer if we had been more attentive but really it would not have been much. We also were swarmed with pickle worms which I have since learned how to prevent.
Yesterday morning Savannah and I met our friend Bethany at the library with our bikes. We rode on the bike path (the same one that goes from town all the way to our house) for ten miles. It was not very hot in the morning. We had fun laughing and teasing each other. Afterwards we went to Sonic and I got us all drinks. When it reached ten o'clock we headed home.
The most exciting thing of all though that has happened is I've started piano lessons again! My teacher is Victor Andzulis and I just started two weeks ago. I will have lessons every other Friday at first just to see how my arms will hold up. As you all should know by now I have had trouble with them ever since I injured them in gymnastics when I was eight years old.
Levi is STILL not home yet! He will be coming back October 2nd. The catch this year was not very good but the experience was great. He plans to go back next year. Now he is in Arizona working with my brother doing asphalt and cement. November Zachary will be moving down here! He will try to get an apartment in Mobile and get a job doing welding at the big ship-yardy places there in the bay. I can't wait till he gets here. He promised to take me out to McGuire's, a famous pub in the area that even one of the presidents has dined in.
So that's it. I'll try to keep you in the know in the future. Blessings!


  1. I'm so glad you're taking piano lessons! It's really neat that you are playing for church again.

    1. :) Thanks. If you know me personally I'd appreciate it if you left a name. Or code name. ;)


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