Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in Missouri

After Presbytery family camp was over our family took a quick jog to Missouri and stayed there for three Lord's Days. (Not three weeks mind you but three Sunday's)

You can imagine what we did while we were there. Laughed, gave obnoxious hugs, smiled, ran, jumped, poked... all in all we pretty much revived all of our old traditions. It was great seeing everyone. Also this was not a purely social call we retrieved many of our belongings, specifically our furniture. Belongings that we were not able to take with us to Belize, and had no thought of seeing again for many years, were hauled out and packed onto a moving truck.

No my arm has not been amputated.... just a little low quality photo editing. ;)

I played piano those three Sunday's for church just like I always did before. Three friends played their violins and flute. It was a welcoming throwback and had me reminiscing throughout the songs so that sometimes I would forget where I was in the music. At least my fingers knew and there really weren't any problems.  The following photos are not necessarily in chronological order.

Zachary came with us for the first day in Missouri and then took a plane back to work in Arizona.

Two peas in a pod.
We celebrated his birthday early.

Zachary dubiously examines his soap.

We also celebrated Savannah's birthday a day earlier along with his.

Well let me say that I was sick when this picture was taken and Zachary was a little too. I don't think I had brushed my hair that day and Jubal had spilled jelly or something on the front of my skirt. I just twisted it around for the picture. I was feeling pretty puny.

A chance to get a picture of all seven of us.

Yahh... it took a while to get a shot as good as this one.

Headed back to his outpost in the desert Arizona.

Okay and now for something I am really excited about....

Woolly Mammoth

I love it!

A friend of ours had his high school graduation party and we went. Unfortunately the camera was on the wrong setting that entire night so all the pictures are pretty bad really bad. Here is the one though that somehow came out good.

My extra grandpa, Mr. Gary. :) :) :) :)
Austen had a fun time riding in the back with Levi.
We also went to a bluegrass concert.

Funny thing is this was the same bluegrass group that played at Presbytery, the Wintons. And, they had played here at the Van Till Winery about two years ago. They said the same jokes again that they had at Presbytery. ;)

Then on one of the Wednesdays I am pretty sure we went to visit our old girl scout troop buddies, the Foremans and the Mansells.

Redneck food coloring.
We all went out to eat at Red Robins.

See that big bird behind us? Well, they had an employee walking around dressed like him. When he came near s he put his hand out for a high five but he made Jubal cry. It was comical. :)

While we were waiting for our seats we watched a balloon lady make fabulous creatures out of rubber. Bumble bees, spider man, turtles, giraffe you name it. Well later Kayla went up and asked for a cow and gave it to Jubal. :) At first he didn't like it but later when we were about to leave he warmed up to the idea.


Mom and Aunt Renee had a fun time cooking asparagus for the first time together.

We Americans have this thing for taking pictures of our food.
 Sorry I couldn't get it facing the right way. :(

We visited my Great Grandma and Grandma DD one Saturday.

We also went to Paradise Park that day and did mini golf and rode Go-karts.

Austen had won some tickets at a contest at his school and he wanted to use them for us while we were there.

Here's a picture from church.

All the young folks from eighteen down to five or so played I have never.
There was a hymn sing at our Pastors new house. Levi had flown out and helped him move in earlier this year. Now the rest of us finally got to see it.
A favorite game, boppers!
Now here are a few pictures from the land.
Jubal was very excited to see "Bruder bus" again. (Brothers bus)

I bet no one in the world has a living room as big as ours...

On Friday June 7th Savannah, Lonna, Dad and I went to a concert at the Folly Theatre in Kansas City. Elena Urioste and Gabriela Martinez played the violin and piano. They were fantastic! I had so much fun I really really loved it. The very first song they played was the Spring Sonata by Beethoven. They are masters and played it beautifully. And guess what? I am learning that very same piece with Hannah from church! (Here in Florida) After the concert was over Dad took us all out for ice cream.

Mom, Savannah, and Jubal left early and got back home on Tuesday evening. A crew of men from church came to help unload it. Savannah made lots of sweet tea.

Cattle panels.

Dad and I stayed a few days longer taking care of last minute things. We left on Thursday and arrived Friday.

I drove this monster for a few hours.

We hauled back our little tractor and the kiddie pool on the trailer.

Well that's pretty much it. Now we're back! :)

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