Monday, June 17, 2013


I know y'all have been waiting for a while, do you remember that big news I told you about?
Well now, the time has come to tell it all.

Levi is in Alaska!

My little brother is off on a big adventure.

It all started earlier this year. My older brother is doing so well in Arizona with our cousin doing construction work that I guess word got around in the family. Now I am a little fuzzy on the following details so don't quote me but I believe it was that our other cousin in Alaska had heard what a great worker Zachary was. Someone mentioned that Zach had a brother and bam there you go, with a little more collaboration Levi was hired. So June ninth my little brother hopped on a plane headed for Anchorage to do commercial salmon fishing in Alaska.

There is not much of a story to tell yet as communication has been scarce since he left. Here are the rest of the three pictures he has sent us so far.

Coming into Anchorage.

They haven't actually got on the boat yet. They take extreme caution to make sure the plane is all in order and that everything is ship shape. It is a three hour small plane flight to wherever it is they will be going. (The boat? My cousins house? I am not exactly sure.) The weather is said to be good right now which I hear is not usual for their yearly fishing excursions.

Here is the plane they will be flying.

The fishing season for Salmon is only a week long I hear. [edit: a month long] They take a week or so preparing for the trip. After coming in from the Bristol Bay they take about another week doing the rest of the business... whatever that is. Selling the fish, tuning up the plane for next time, storage issues?

Well anyways after all that, when fishing is over Levi is likely to stay longer and help our cousin out on his farm.

Levi has left home (test flight I hope!) one year earlier than Zachary did. Zachary paved the way for his little brother. Hard workers run in the family and I am very proud of my two brothers. To quote my older brother, "Harris boys become men early." Actually, I could go on for a while singing my brothers praises but I am not sure that would be too appropriate. Suffice it to say, my brothers are the best and even if yours goes to the moon he's got nothin' on these boys.

Maybe I should tone that down a little.... In all seriousness now, it amazes me to see what God has planned for our family. To watch and see this astounding story unfold year after year, to where the dates all meld together and it is hard to keep track of it all, it awes me. The most talented author could have never written a book as superb as this one. In my most darkest moments when it seemed Hell was at my very door I could have never imagined the joy I have now. I could have never thought or even comprehended the love and peace and just plain old enjoyment for life I have now. Great moments and stories like this would have gone unnoticed in my bitter mind.

It does not take long when I reflect upon my life that I am bowed down again in awe at how good God is. It does not take long for me to realise that life is good and that life is worth celebrating.

I mean how awesome is this? My little brother is in Alaska!

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  1. Amen! And for what it's worth, I know that Zack thinks you're pretty fabulous too!


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