Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Savoury Day

Today is Wednesday and thank goodness it has been an ordinary day. It was not long ago when my days were filled with adventures - marvelous things to read about but being the actual character in the story is uncomfortable to say the least. The Took part of me is quite worn out and the Baggins side is gaining strength. Therefore, though I run the risk of being somewhat of a bore, I will gladly tell you about something ordinary.

Louis Lamore

Yesterday Mom, Savannah, and I went to the library. Made a special trip just for it and did not accomplish a drop more with our trip to town. There we searched for violin books for Jubal of which he has taken a great fancy to of late. A tall thin wrinkly tanned man with glasses and a hat overheard our discussion with the librarian concerning the instrument. He told us he made violins and he and Mom comfortably went off in a little dialogue. The librarian told me where to find the book and I retrieved it with some little trouble. It is called Mole Music and is a neat little book.

Jubal (of course) was the loudest one at the library and I am sure all the people there soon learned his chief interests. Yieyens, Abbits, Geowge, and Hurry-hurrys. (violins, rabbits Curious George and fire trucks,) On a display I struck upon The Hobbit. (!!!!) I was finally able to read the book I have been hankering after for over a year! Savannah found a drawing book, and I showed Mom a whole section dedicated to Louis Lamore books.

I spent the following afternoon engrossed in my legendary book. Not a dish was washed, nor a towel folded or a weed pulled by my hand. I was in search of those golden bits of wisdom supposedly flowing from the text. With every turn of a page I expected to find a bit of pure truth coated with chocolate. I for the life of me couldn't find such delectables and began to wonder whether it was the book or me. Maybe those will come when I read the Lord of The Rings? All that I could see was a wonderful tale told with the utmost of skill like I can never hope to compare to. I went to bed at midnight that night.

The next day lazy me stayed in my pajamas until ten and continued to devour my book whole. (Or maybe it devoured me...) Then on one one of my rare trips between the couch and my bed for a change of position, my vision got all fuzzy and black and I got dizzy and had to steady myself by the door post. This happens somewhat often if I stay in one place too long. I believe it has something to do with blood flow. So, when that happened I decided it would behoove me to put my book away for a time. Good-bye Bilbo, Smouge.

I galloped into my parents room and extracted from them The Plan For The Day. Then I searched for our old standby bread recipe but could not find it. Next I put on a cheery black and white dress and frowned at my bangs. Then I scooped up Jubal and whisked him off to the piano and we sang and played some songs. By that time Mom had found another recipe instead and started to make biscuits. I helped a little. The biscuits were for the Water Front Rescue Mission. We were to drop them off at Trinitas Christian School so later they could be taken to the mission.

Then my poor neglected book began weeping for me on my bed and I went to comfort it. When I saw that my book had quited down sufficiently (It took about a chapters worth of attention) I emerged into the living room. The scene that rushed upon me was very unexpected. Dad was carrying the big canvas bag, Savannah was rushing for swimsuits, Mom called out for Jubal's blue shoes, and Jubal was watching as Mom pulled out a tray of biscuits. "Are we going to the beach?" "Yes," said Savannah, "didn't you hear?" Well the swimsuits were in the wash and the biscuits were in the oven. By the time both were finished in their respective appliances all was packed and we were ready to rush out the door.

First stop the school with the hot biscuits, second the bank to cash a check, then the gas station, and last Target. I of course was loyally following Bilbo and the Dwarves through Mirkwood and fighting spiders and floating in barrels while we drove. At Target Mom, Jubal and I went in. Someone from church is getting married and they have a gift registry at the store. As we were walking in a grandma, her daughter and her granddaughter were walking out. "Ah! I almost forgot to pay for this!" said the grandma as she held up a Dr. Pepper bottle. "Grandma!" gasped the granddaughter, "you were about to steal!" and she shook her high light brown pony tail disapprovingly.

We also bought a pair of sunglasses for this handsome boy.
 Finished at Target we headed for Navarre Beach on Santa Rosa Island. Before we reached the sand, even before I caught a whiff of ocean air, (that's not saying much as our window were rolled up and the air conditioning on... but hopefully you get my drift.) I had strung my bow and let fly the Black Arrow and slew the dragon; I had stolen the Arkenstone and given it away and I had stood at Thorin's death bed; I returned to The Last Homely House and passed back around Mirkwood; And then, sooner then I ever expected, I had seen Mr. Bilbo Baggins safely home again.

And so with the last page read I closed my book and looked out the window. The island was pretty boring compared to dragon fire, but comfortably ordinary. We crossed over a bridge and drove onto a sandier island. Santa Rosa. In the parking lot at the beach we met our neighbors who were just headed home! We stopped and chatted for a while.

And this is what I swam in.

At the gulf, or at least at the Navarre Beach, the salt water was full of seaweed and algae. The water was green. It reminded me of snot. Nasty. I waded in with a little urging from Mom and felt stringy somethings catch against my legs. Ick. The water was so thick with it I could not see my knees just under the surface let alone my feet. Mysterious brown patches were constantly being flung nearby me and tossed about. The air was refreshing at least and I tried not to think about the edible snot floating all around me. Jubal had a wonderful time in the sand, and I had a pleasant time on the boogie board floating on the waves as long as I did not let my feet dangle too much. It was eerie down there (All three feet of it) with all the green. A jelly fish may sneak up at any moment. Just last week at the beach by my grandma's a girl had gotten stung by a jelly fish only twenty feet or so away from me.

After I had fulfilled my quota of water time I wondered along the shore with my camera. When the sea weed and algae washed up on the sand I caught it up and took pictures. There were about four or five different kinds of seaweed.

The sun went down and evening came on. Soon we packed up our things and headed for Hungry Howie's. On the way we passed a Walgreen's with a dozen or more beach chairs displayed in its windows. We ate our ranch and Cajun flavored crusts on the way home. Zachary called when the phone was handed to me I greeted him in Zambian (I know that is not correct... but I did not have time to look up the name of the language before the phone was handed to me.) I have already forgotten what I said, something like Jambwo? I don't know, but it meant "how are you?" I talked to him until we pulled into the drive. Once in the house and bags set down I brushed my hair and found dried algae. I popped my head into Mom and Dad's room and asked Dad to tell Zachary that. In the shower when the brush left my hair more algae came. I pulled it out and stuck it on the walls. With the seaweed on the walls, mango body wash, sand at my feet, and banana scented hair conditioner I felt like a tropical fruit salad.

So wrapped up in my bath robe here I am at the end of an ordinary day. Not all stories are about lost treasures, and every tale doesn't have authorities pounding on your window or doors. Some are just plain old beach days, with pizza at eight-thirty. One is good to tell, but the other is far better to savour.

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