Friday, May 10, 2013

Mayfest 2013

Last Saturday, May 4th, we drove over Atmore to attend the Mayfest with some friends. It was a long drive and part way through Jubal had to have his diaper changed. When we stopped I got out and picked some blackberries I spotted growing off the side of the road. I picked twelve, just enough for everyone to have two. They were yummy and it was kind of fun to have a little snack like that. :)

When we got to their house everyone prepared to set off. Strollers were packed, and snack bags filled. When all was set our group of ten walked down the road and headed for the park. It was very windy and my hair was blown all around.

I was expecting to see a May pole at the Mayfest but alas there was none. That would have been neat. At the festival there were blow up obstacle courses and Moon Bounces. There was a bunji jump a train ride and lots of booths. We stopped at the one for Sugar Plum Tree which is a Christian day care that Emma goes to. They had cotton candy and balloons to give away.

Levi, Savannah, and I went off to look at the booths at a more desirable pace. There was one with lots of books all written by local authors. I talked with one of the authors. He has written five books and is a veteran. He was out in the boats during the Cuban Missile Crisis, he also went to Vietnam. Thank you sir, for your service. It was interesting to listen to a few of his stories. I always wish I knew more about history. After all if you don't know your history you're doomed to repeat it. I told him I aspired to be an author and he encouraged me to keep it up. I would like to write my autobiography some day. Haha only problem is I haven't live very long yet. Anyways, we talked for a while then went and rejoined our group.

They were just leaving a booth full of baby doll, American Girl doll, and Barbie doll dresses. All of them were modest and handmade. Two things you can't get at the toy store. Emma had just picked out a pretty wedding dress for her Barbie. I lingered behind to admire the dresses. "Wow, I wish I had some of these when I was little!" The lady standing there chuckled and I smiled.

Hi, Dad. :)
We circled around and got closer to the picnic stage/square gazebo (I hope that last one is not mutually exclusive.) where the country band was playing. Dad bought some peanuts and we munched on them and then went to where the train ride began. The two mothers and the children climbed into the caboose then with a ding of the bell the train set off. I waved "Bye Jubal, bye, Emma, bye Clay!" Then the rest of us began talking amongst each other. "Man, you could make some money off of that thing!" "A dollar per person, how many were on there? At least twenty." "And you drive it all day." "All you need is a lawn mower and some cars." "We need to get Zachary to make one of those."

The short ten minute ride came back around and when Jubal came out I crouched down to him "Was that a fun ride Jubal?" Some folks that knew our friends came by to ride on the train but were too late so they had to wait for it to come around again. When they got on I waved to them too.

Eventually we found ourselves back at the Sugar Plum Tree booth. The Dads stuck around to get a cotton candy cone and then went to an interesting display board a little ways off. I followed later and found them talking with a man who was telling them all about Artmore. It appeared to be some kind of festival, or grand opening of a very interesting art gallery or something. There would be a wide variety of mediums, paint of course, but also pottery being made on the spot and when it was placed in your hands it would still be warm from the big kiln. Cast iron stepping stone would be made, mugs with a bright painting of the history of Atmore and all sort of stuff.

Two little buddies.

This table was set up close to the music and it had just switched from old country style to Christian. A young man was on the stage singing, but unfortunately had a long embarrassing introduction which included several references to "did I mention he's handsome?" And frankly I could not see him well enough to see if he was handsome or not and would not have cared either way. Still, he was a good singer and played the guitar well and I liked his selections. Dad listened too. We were both reminded when he sung a song that had the line "I'm not ashamed" referencing being a Christian and letting other people know about it, how blessed we are to live in a place where someone can say that kind of thing without fear of being arrested. His audience was just as large as the country music band's was.

Savannah and I push Jubal and Clay between us.

The mothers came with the children. I offered to take Jubal to the play ground. Mom said okay and that she and Mrs. Ashley would join later. Levi and I took our little brother and played with him on the slides. Later Savannah came. Eventually Jubal wanted to go on the swings so Savannah was in front and I in back and we pushed him in between. When he came my way I would take off his hat, push him, turn the hat inside out, and when he returned to me place it back on his head and push him again. I repeated it over and over and Jubal giggled and giggled.

Now it's Emma's turn. :)

When the adults and Emma and Clay came Dad took Jubal on the monkey bars and they had a turn on the swings. After playing on the play ground for a while we got ready to go. Before we left we asked someone to take a picture of all of us. After we were all arranged the man waved his arm and waggled his tongue to get the toddlers to look at him. His wife went on and got his own toddler out of their stroller and took him to the slides.

Learning more and more every day.

On the way back to the house Levi picked up several soda pop cans he found by the road to save for scrap. I found a foot ball in a ditch. I looked around but the one house that was near by gave the impression of having no children and this part of the road was particularly junky so I decided to bring it home.

When we got there I fell asleep on the couch. Levi read on his kindle, Mom and Mrs. Ashley got dinner ready, and the Dads prepared the grill for the chicken. I woke up with Clay in my face. "Oh you're awake." he said. Oh yes. Hi Clay. ;)

When we sat down I got to eat the most delicious salad I had ever had. There were so many different types of greens in it, the toppings were tasty, and I got to have one of my favorite dressings, balsamic vinaigrette. The chicken was nice and juicy, very well seasoned. For desert we had black bean brownies, a favorite desert of ours. After supper I helped clear the table then helped Mrs. Ashley get the little ones ready for bed. Clay was very proud to show me how big he was to take a bath and brush his teeth. We talked about the drain hole at the top of the tub for overflow. I told him that if there was too much water in the tub that it would all go down there. When Emma took a bath we blew bubbles and she had three different kinds of water for me to try. Strawberry, lemon, and plain. I liked the strawberry best.

After Clay was in bed Emma got to stay up a little longer. She and I went to play in her room with her dolls. I put on the new wedding dress for her. We played house. After lunch the Mama and her children played hide and go seek, shark and fish, and then they went outside but were very careful not to step in any mud. A friend of Mr. Mikes called to see if he could stop by. He got there just after we had all started a card game, so he joined in and we all had some fun.

After the game Dad said it was time to leave. I picked up the toys in the living room. Then we heard a thud against the window. We thought it was a bat and so Mr. Mike turned on the outside light to see if maybe it had gotten knocked out and was laying on the ground. It would be neat to show Emma and Jubal. There was nothing there however and soon we were ready to go.

It had been a very fun day. I am glad they invited us to come down. :)

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