Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canoeing the Blackwater

Saturday morning after a meeting at church we and some friends headed off for a fun day canoeing on the Black Water River. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Oh but first, I'll have to tell you how we started our trip. Mom Dad and Jubal were in the wobbly red canoe and not thirty feet after shoving off they ran into the bridge and the whole canoe flipped over! Jubal had on a life jacket and Dad grabbed him up immediately. At first he was scared but after reassurances he began to smile. After that baby brother rode with Levi, Savannah, and I instead in the Trailblazer. The canoe was loaded up with stuff. A water resistant bag with our phones and keys in it, a styrofoam bowl, the purple lunch cooler bag, Dad's jacket and then the paddle came floating down to us. Levi jumped out of the boat to help and Savannah and I went after the paddle which was quickly headed down river. The first sweep we missed but the second time we were able to grab it up. Our friends caught hold of some overhanging branches down river when they realized what had happened.
One thing we didn't realise was that it was 420. April twentieth a lot of people have parties and smoke a joint at 4:20 PM. The river was crowded with tons of people. Eventually we passed them all though.

Now here are some pictures.
Getting ready to shove off.

As we waited to get going Emma and I talked about the pretty colors in the river and about different plants and things.

As we canoed along whenever we would get close Jubal would wave and say "Hi, Emma!" He can't say Clay's name yet. Clay said "Hi there!" So cute!

On one of our stops we had fun playing in the sand.

Dad was buried, even Jubal helped and then a T-shirt was laid over his face. Dad shouted "Jubal, come find me!" That little boy didn't know where he was! He noticed the shirt out of place though and as he was lifting it up he presumptuously said "Nah" (The long drawn out kind of a nope you say when you're looking for something) When he found Dad he smiled really
We had fun talking about Dad and how he got under there and where was the rest of him? And then Ahh! Some toes popped out and started wriggling! And then some fingers... and then... AArrrrgggh!!!! Out came Daddy after Jubal. Jubal stepped back and then laughed. He wasn't expecting that.

Mama shows the little ones some tiny fishys.
We girls, two big ones and one little one built castles in the sand. Emma made a princess castle and Mt. Saint Helens and then made it "go boom". Savannah and I made turtles and I made a rabbit. The two little boys had fun throwing fistfuls of wet sand into the water.

My favorite part is the belly button. I don't know if rabbits have belly buttons or not but I thought it looked cute.

Sadly neither my turtle or rabbit lasted the entire visit. Mr. Mike stepped on my bunny's left ear and I  sat on my turtle when I was talking to Clay.

Clay says he is having fun and that he likes the water.

Traditional pose with the oars.

Family Picture

 Too bad we didn't think of getting a picture of all of us together. There were other people on the sand bank that I am sure would have been happy to take it for us. :(

Life jacket check

And that's is all the pictures we have. Not many, because of the toss our cameras got at the beginning of the trip. It as fun to see all along the way all the places we recognised from our last trip. We never knew then that we would be living twenty minutes away and that we would be coming on this trip! Wow what a change!

The pictures are of our last stop before the end. After that Jubal fell sound asleep in Savannah's arms and didn't wake up until the end.

We finished around dinner time. Just before Mom and Dad got out, they dumped again! Those who had extra clothes changed and everyone worked on loading up again. When we put off earlier Dad and Mr. Mike had drove both vehicles to the end and then drove the truck back. When we finished they both drove back to where we started and picked up the truck and then drove back to where we ended. Then everyone was able to pack up.

We had a lot of fun on that trip. We got home about eight o'clock but our friends had a much longer drive.

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