Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Garden 2013

Over in our neck of the woods it is and has been time for planting. I am mostly in charge of everything this time and I've never done it before so I am very anxious for everything to work out well. :) Before Zachary, my older brother, has done it but since he's moved out and is on his own now I guess I'll be taking up the mantel. So without further ado here's a look at what we've got up our sleeve for the garden this year.

First the seeds:

Forty different kinds of seeds!

We made two orders. Here is the first. Everything came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. A company I highly recommend.

And now the work:

Many of our pots are milk jugs cut in half and the top inverted over the bottom. Also old cardboard boxes are used for trays. And we did use one plastic salad container though I don't think those work very well.
Levi plowed a strip by the road for sunflowers.
Annuals from Home Depot are ready for planting.
By the way, Home Depot and Lowes are happy to give you their old pots. Just go to the gardening section and ask about the recycling program for old pots. An employee showed us where they keep a cart full of them. They are mostly pot holders and not pots themselves. Sometimes you can get pots but even the pot holders can be valuable.
Pink Bananas are planted in these pots.
Cow manure composting. Levi and I went and picked up a load from the Gilley's. They said we could come back and get more. I told Levi that he and I were planning on going to get more on Tuesday. ;) Mr. Gilley also said we were welcome to their chicken manure. Thank y'all so much!
Mom, Levi and I went and got a load of composted wood chips.
 I had called several places in the area asking for wood chips they were trying to get rid of and AAA Best Tree Service in Pace said we could come to his shop and get as much as we wanted. Also he said whenever the crew was working near us that they would come to our house and drop off the fresh chips. Their add in the phone book has Matthew 7:19 on it, "Every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire." It was paraphrased to fit in the small space.
And this has been the results so far:
Henderson' Black Valentine Pole Bean
That beautiful red/brown mulching you see in these pictures came from the woods. We dug up where old logs had rotted and turned to dirt (or almost dirt) and brought some back. It is fabulous stuff! It does however take a lot of work to just get a little. I am glad we have had such good success with my phone calls about wood chips!
Black Valentine unfolding out of the ground.
Butternut squash. This one my sister planted earlier while it was still colder. We just brought it in at night.
I am sure y'all have been noticing all the little grass blades come up... weeds. Well I do have a plan to stop them. (It includes pulling if I have to) I am working on "getting back to Eden" and plan on following the methods found in this documentary. Recall the cow manure Levi and I went and collected from the Gilley's and the wood chips from Pace.
Edisto Melon. I think it will turn out like a cantaloupe.
Riesentraube Cherry Tomato.
So far this and a flowerbed by the back gate has been the places where I followed closest to the mulching method.
Thai Long Green Eggplant.
Marigolds in the tomato row along the fence are awaiting the arrival of their companions.
The shiny stuff is Vermiculite. It looks like chopped up dead centipedes. When I first tried to use it I mixed it in with the dirt. When it came time to water the seeds (in this case they were squash) most of the dirt can out the bottom of the pots because it was so light and airy. I called Zachary and explained to him my troubles, he told me that Vermiculite is supposed to go on top. It helps to hold the moisture in and still lets in sunlight which helps germination.
Romain Lettuce

The flowerbed behind the house.
Sunflowers by the side of the house. They are doing remarkably better than the ones out by the road because they are getting more water. I need to remedy that.
Flower beds by the back gate. They bulbs were starting to sprout when I planted them but they haven't come out of the ground yet. The gate obviously needs mending.
Red Seeded Asparagus Bean. (Grows twenty-four inches!) Isn't it amazing to see the bean still on the plant? You can see that it grew out in two different places. First at the bottom to form roots, then at the top to start sending out the leaves.
Hutterite (Soup) Bush Bean. Look at the gaping hole that the bean popped up out of!


  1. Your mom sent me a link to your blog -- what an amazing gardener you already are! I so enjoyed this (we used to have a garden when I was a little girl and I have always longed to do more with one: but I'm afraid I'm not organised enough to do anything so extensive and well researched as you have here). I wanted to leave a note too that I was so encouraged reading some of your past posts about the peace God gave you through so many trials. Your family are in my prayers.

  2. Hello Mrs. Heidi! I am glad you commented, I love getting commets. :)I have been trying hard to make everything work, I am having a lot of trouble with my eggplant and celery and something is eating the leaves on a few of my sunflowers. But, hehe haha, I haven't told anyone yet besides my family, but some cucumbers came up today! It took six days to sprout. I have been keeping detailed records in a book about everything related to the garden; planting, soil preperation, weather. It is fun and I like to read over it.

    I was just thinking about all of that today actualy, it never ceases to amaze me what He has done. Anytime I think extensivly on it, it always . brings me to tears. I am very glad you read them and have been encouraged. That is why I started this blog in the first place. And thank you, your prayers are appreciated for sure. :)

    1. Up there ^ I meant "comment" in that second sentence. ;)


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