Friday, February 1, 2013

Train Ride, Ice cream, Friends, and Two Birthdays

This blog post will be a conglamoration of photos that were taken in January. This is what January looks like in Alabama this year.

Around The House

Yes, we were still celebrating Christmas in January.

He loves to take the compost out.

Every Saturday in Foley until two in the afternoon I believe, you can go for a train ride around the park and down part of the Rose Trail. We have gone three times so far.

An engine, two box cars, and a caboose are set on a section of track at the park.

So far all the pictures but one have J------ in them. His family loves him.

He is a clown.

At the Smiths
First ever by himself icecream cone - at the Smiths after church.

:D  Ha!

We took a ride in the sail boat even though there was no wind. We shut off the engine when we got further out into the open and enjoyed talking and laughing. As we put-putted back we got to enjoy this peaceful sunset.

My feet were cold!

Mom's Birthday

Grandma took Mom and my sister and I out to eat at The Gift Horse in Foley.

(Here's a picture I snagged from their website.)

It is a very fancy place and this picture doesn't come near to the elegant atmosphere created in this restraunt.
After luch we spent the afternoon stopping in all the fantastic shops around town. In one store Mom bought a pair of little raison men.

When we were younger Mom had a collection of these little guys. She kept them on the window sill above the sink. One by one they met their fate down the disposal. She rescued those she could and locked them into the red cabinet. The few that survived never reached a ripe old age as they prematurely melted into a puddle of plastic when our house burned down in 2011.
We were glad to welcome the reletives of our deseased friends into our family.

In another shop I found a big book, three quarters of an inch think, full of classical music. It was perfect because it is just above my level. Once I finish the books that I have now I am going to start on that one next. I was thrilled! I also found a purse and an adorable skirt.

The blue purse is the one I just got. It is the same style as my sisters.
My Little Cousin's Birthday

There's the birthday boy! :)

Hi Dad. ;)

He learned to blow just a couple of weeks too late.

A----- and his mama.
And Here Is Just One More Picture

We gave him his card late. It is Thomas the Tank Engine. When you mash the button it says, "Hi! I'm Thomas, and I'm stopping at your sation, on track and on time to enjoy your birthday celebration!"
He loves his card. He carries it around a lot and asks me to read it to him.


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