Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recipe: Grilled Chicken over Parmesan Rice

I have been thinking about my little cooking page over there in the top right corner. I haven't done much with it, although I haven't slowed down a bit on the cooking. I am not sure I will add anymore to that page or not and I thought I would just start putting them here in the posts section.

Most recently I made an extraordinary dinner all on my own. Usually when I make things without a recipe they are good, and worth doing again (like my carrot and sweet potato soup) but they don't come out amazing as often. This time it did however.

This recipe was inspired by some parsley that was sitting in the refrigerator.

I made: Grilled Chicken over Parmesan Rice

For the chicken you will need:

Chicken - whatever cuts you prefer, I have never been too specific on the cut of meat. I happened to have boneless skinless "chicken fillets" this time. Don't ask me what that is, Mom said it was a strange cut and she had never seen it before.
Butter - a liberal amount, the butter is really what made the flavor.
Crushed Red Pepper
Garlic Powder - I normally use fresh garlic but I have trouble with my arms and using a knife sometimes stresses my wrists too much.

Cook the chicken in a pan, put enough butter so that it comes about halfway up the chicken. Use a little crushed red pepper, a normal amount a salt, and a good amount of garlic. When it is done put the chicken in a dish and DO NOT drain any of the juice or the butter from the pan. You will use it again for the rice.

For the Rice you will need:

Rice - I used a combination of brown rice and white. I normally use brown rice but we didn't have quite enough and I had to use the rest white. It made it very pretty.

Cook the rice in twice as much water. One cup of rice, two cups of water. Use however much rice your family needs. Remember, (I used to get rice and noodles mixed up) you put the rice and the water on the stove at the same time. Once the water boils let it keep cooking for a while and then turn it down to simmer until the rice is done. It should have holes in the top where the air escaped during boiling.

When the rice is done put it in the pan you used earlier and cook. Don't add any more butter. Add a little salt and Parmesan. How much cheese you need depends on how much rice you have. I used probably a little more than a cup, but I cooked a large amount. It should taste ricey but the Parmesan should definitely enhance the taste. Just a little "cheesy".

I learned how to make this rice from our good friends in Louisiana that you may remember hearing me talk about before.

When you plate it up put the chicken over the rice and top with bunches of parsley, a lemon slice, and blue cheese. The picture at the top does not have Parmesan rice. We ran out and I had forgotten to take a picture so I put it over the leftover plain rice. The Parmesan rice should be sticky.

I served broccoli to go with it, but that is just the only fresh vegetables we had on hand. Use whatever you would like to go with it.

For desert I made lemon bars/pie. I combined a lemon bar recipe and a lemon pie recipe. :) I made this because we had (and still do) lemons in the refrigerator. It was such a scrumptious meal that I sent a picture to my older brother out in Arizona. Hopefully it would make him jealous and come back home....

I don't think it worked. :(


  1. Its hard for me to come back home when I never lived in Florida lol

    1. Well, hey I'm glad you're getting my hints!
      But you did live with US an WE are in Florida. Home is where the heart is you know.... I hope you didn't leave your heart laying around anywhere or something.

  2. Wow, you are a lot better cook than me! In fact, this afternoon I used a recipe and tried to modify it. It didn't work very well. anyway I think I will try this and follow it exactly. :D

    1. Tell me how it turns out! Sorry I can't give very clear instructions... I don't know how to cook with measuring if I'm doing it on my own. Recipes of course I can follow but trying to MAKE a recipe, well now that's different. I hope it turns out alright for you. :)

      Don't skip the butter! And well I don't want to put TOO much emphisis on it, don't drown the chicken either. lol


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