Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Baby's Second Birthday

I am so excited to share these pictures with all of y'all! I am very proud of my mother for doing such a great job on this project.
Thomas the Tank Engine!

Mom worked two days on this cake, the kitchen was a wreck. It was awful. The fondant had to be made and remade at least three times. After the cake was made it unfortunately had to wait two more days for the party. Mom did not put Thomas' face on because she was afraid it would slump before it was ready to eat.

Since his party was going to be a train themed party my parents bought a wooden train set for him and his cousins to play with when they came over for the party.

These are the same kind of train tracks we played with when we were younger. I loved playing with them, they kept us kiddos busy for years and years. I definitely recommend these toys, they last such a long time and it will take forever for children to grow out of them. Even years later when these ones arrived we all were thrilled to have some again and had fun putting them together with the J-----.

We started playing with the trains two days before the party so we could have a chance at teaching
J----- how to share his new toys. He did pretty good the day of the party. :)

Saturday January 12, 2013 (At least I am pretty sure the party was on this day)

As you can tell Mom's fears of a slumping Thomas were not ungrounded.
The face was put on just minutes before cutting the cake.

For his party we invited two of his cousins over. A little girl, four or five I think, and his other cousin just a little bit older than him.

They're all ready for cake. And look at that cute table plastic. <3

We sang Happy Birthday to him. He loves music anyways so when he heard his own name sung in the song by everyone around him he smiled such a cute smile and looked at everybody. :)

When he was told to blow out the candle he blew his nose. We had been teaching him how to blow his nose lately when he had a runny nose and so the only thing he knew about blowing was that it meant blow your nose. ha!
As J----- blew his nose Mom snuck in a discreet whiff of air and the candles went out. We all cheered for him. As far as I know nothing escaped his nose during the process.

Yum yum. :)

For drinks there was iced coffee for the adults and juice for the little cousins. I made pizza for dinner. One with normal crust and pepperoni, the other a pumpkin crust with pepperoni, onions, and bell peppers. Oh and there was ice cream to go with the cake as well. What kind of American birthday party is complete without ice cream?

A puzzle.

There was plenty of time to play.

This little girl wore my dad out!

 And to talk.

Before the cake when there was still light outside we took a trip down to the river with the little ones. We stood on the bank and looked at the water. It was pretty late when everyone left later that evening. Mom made up little doggy bags and stuffed them with homemade play dough, big balloons, a plastic Thomas cup, and some other things. J------ got one too. :)

It was a good birthday party. :)

But, the cake. We forgot to send some home with everybody so we were stuck with it for weeks! We could hardly bare to look at it and ate it mostly out of duty. Can't let good food go to waste you know. There's people starving over there in China.

(The classic line thousands of parents tell their children. Never mind the flawed logic. How does that has anything to do with your own dinner plate sitting in front of you? Are you going to box up my left overs Mom, and ship it overseas? This is the question my mom thought to herself when her mother would tell her that. But I digress, I was not writing about how ordinary mothers could solve the problem of world hunger by giving away their children's leftovers.)

Yes the cake. It lasted for weeks. In the end we threw the coal box away but most of the rest of the cake was consumed. So there you have it, the first two year old birthday party that I ever remember happening in our own household. Plus, the first 3-D came Mom ever made. I am really quite impressed with the cake and am proud to show off my mothers work.

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