Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home in Florida

So by now all of y'all have had time to learn about our move to Florida. If you're friends with me on Fcebook you know that I love this new house. And I absolutely adore the pantry. Well now here are some pictures so y'all can get to know our new place a little better.

I must warn you though before you proceed. These pictures are in their raw form, no editing and no sprucing up of subjects before the photo was taken. What you see is what you get. Please be understanding of this as I reveal to you our new home. We are still in the process of moving in and I can tell you at this very moment exactly how many pieces of furniture we have. Not counting metal folding chairs or my keyboard we have eight. Please take this as the explanation as to why there is so much stuff on the floor and oozing out of boxes. (As you read this paragraph please chuckle.)

Now, disclaimer aside - Here it is!

The view from the road.

As you walk in the front door the kitchen is on your right. You can also go straight into the living room.

That doorway puts you in the entry way. That closed door is he coat closet.

There is a doorway to the left of the stove that brings you into the living room.

That big pop-up Thomas the Tank Engine was given to us by our cousin Valerie. [March 4, 2013 - I made a mistake Thomas was actually given to us by Aunt Bernice]

If you keep walking past Thomas you come to our bedroom and J-------'s once he gets bigger. For now it is the playroom. There is also a bathroom.

My bed is on the left with my laptop on it. My sisters is the red one and the little one of course is the toddler's.

If you go the opposite direction when you are in the living room you will see the dining room and my parents room.

Mom thought of putting the books on the ledge. I think it looks good, especially when its all filled up. Plus it will keep junk from cluttering up.

The desk we bought just as we were making the trip from Grandma's to here. It was at a local thrift store and it was a great deal. It as a perfect opportunity since we had the moving truck and there was extra room.

The bathroom sink. The door on the right is the walk-in closet, the door on the left is the bathroom.

Now if you go out these doors...

You walk out onto the screened in back porch!

That pile of junk there is a bunch of empty boxes that we've gone through.

There is my bike all ready for riding on the bike path. :) That other door goes into Mom and Dad's room. Their bed is just to the left of the door.

The other bike laying down is my brother's. He bent up the tire when he crashed while doing tricks. We will have to get it fixed soon. The little one is J-----'s of course. My sister and I took him with us on a walk/ride yesterday. He was very slow on his bike but it was fun anyways... although I did get a little frustrated.

Now back to the kitchen. If you keep on going past the refrigerator you come into the laundry room/pantry.

See see pantry! :)

Do you remember the door knob in the picture just before this one? Well that used to be the garage but it was turned into extra living space.

Which looks like this...

That door is the one that came from the pantry. I am standing right in front of two doors that open onto the drive way. To my right is an addition which they made into a bedroom.
It is a large space, it was a two car garage. Right now we are using it as the sorting area and we eat a the table there. When we are completely moved in this area will be the family room where we do fun puzzles, sewing projects, crafts, board games, and all the fun stuff like that.

This will be my younger brother, L-----'s room.

The door there goes into another bathroom.

And behind me is the jacuzzi.

To the left is a little turn and a door that goes back into the family room. That way you don't have to walk through the bedroom every time.

And now for the outdoor pictures. My favorite part!

A three stall run in shed.

This will be our garden.
Standing in front of shed looking out. That patch of green is blackberries I think. :)
The back yard. The closest white wall is the addition which is L----'s bedroom. The brick wall is Mom and Dad's room and the last bit of white wall you see is the porch which is in front of the living room and my bedroom.

This is the gate that opens to the bike path. Isn't that great! And guess what? My grandpa who was a bicyclist has ridden on this trail and passed our house. At the time it was fifteen years old. In an interview of for an article in the paper he said that he recommended this trail. I just think that is very special. We are following his recommendation. :)

Behind me is the porch. There is a tree growing up through the gate so it only opens a little way. We will take it out soon.
We plan on hanging up a sign that says our last name on the gate. Several people from church live in this area and they like to go biking on this trail. When they see the sign they will know that they are welcome to stop in for refreshments. :)

Here is the start of our garden. These are pumpkin plants that started growing in the compost pile at Grandma's. Do y'all remember those fifteen pumpkins we got at Thanksgiving?

And that's it for our new home.We have lots of fun things planned to do in this new house. I can't wait to get started.



  1. Oh Lydia, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm so glad for you. I wish i'd seen this the day you posted it! -Rachel

  2. Rachel! I love it when y'all comment on my blog!

    Yes I am immensily pleased with it. :) I am so excited about all the things we plan on doing in our very own HOUSE!

    L----, gave me your letter. :) Thank you so much for sending it! Every time I here from y'all I feel just like it is my birthday. I am going to try and send a letter back soon.

    Could you give me your address? Either email or you can put it as a comment on my blog and it won't show up in public. Every comment that goes on here I read first and then choose whether to publish it or not. If you put it in a comment I will look at the address then write it down and delet it. It will never go on the internet. Which ever way you wish is fine with me. :)

    1. BTW shortly after I took these pictures I cleaned the entire house (ecpet the family room) and it was so perfect. :)

  3. I got your message. Thank you. And no I don't have your home address. I would like it though. :)

  4. Thank you Rebekah! :) Wow this is all so fast. I am just so amazed at technology and everything we can do with it.


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