Sunday, February 17, 2013

Camellia Festival: What We Did

Yesterday, my family and I met Grandma at the Camellia Festival which was being held at the Baldwin Country Heritage Museum.
Beautiful Camellias. :)   Since we forgot to take pictures of any camellias while we were at the camellia festival, I will have to give you a photo credit.

There were lots of things to do. There was supposed to be a blacksmith demonstration but we were late and missed it. :( We also missed the sugar cane demonstration but we went ahead and did it ourselves.
Unfortunately this is the only picture we have of the sugar cane juicy thingy. (Yes I am very intellectual.) The rest are videos and for the life of me I can never get videos online anywhere!
There were sugar canes lying on the ground and we put some in between the rollers and when the long wooden pole was turned the cane was smashed up and out of the spout came sweet juice. A little dirty but once it's processed and turned into sugar that is of course not there anymore. Those little whit cups were full of cane juice. We should have taken them home to see if we could process it ourselves but I didn't think of that until we left. With all the cooking any germs that may have been in there from fingers stuck in for a taste would have been killed off and it would have been fine. It was disappointing but maybe another time we will be able to.

J------, was thrilled to have a chance to turn the log but soon forgot about it and started running around the whole thing in circles.

There was also a still to look at, a school building and a church building but it was so cold (the high that day was 55) that we spent most of our time inside.

First we listened to the music. My Uncle Cal plays the mandolin and a lady from Grandma's church Mrs. Bibba played the lap dulcimer. They were playing folk songs.
Here is Uncle Cal. When we were younger all of us children thought he was Uncle Cow. It was a shock to learn his real name.
[Video added March 12, 2013]

The toddler really loved the music. Every time the playing would stop in between songs he would say "Uh oh! uh oh!"
He was also very tired. He wasn't up there long before it was decided that he was way to tired to be up that high.

There was also some German folk songs a little later.
The little boy and the woman used to go to Grandma's church. He can play the violin as he walks around. He is very good.
Grandma met one of her cousins there that she hadn't seen for fifty years. We knew quite a few folks!
We ate lunch outside on a picnic table. It was cold and windy... but there were lots of camellia bushes in bloom all around us. Grandma packed a wonderful lunch; breaded chicken tenders, strawberries, apples, a scrumptious dip to go with them, cookies, and iced tea.

The rest will be pictures from the museum displays. You can click on the images to make them bigger.
Baldwin County has been under five governments.

They baby got real excited about this boat. It was one of the things he could name himself. "Boat, boat, boat!"

There is a WHOLE lot more tools behind me and more to my left. Most of the tools in this exhibit belonged to one man.

Bottle cap hotplate.

An old man told his buddy that his Mom used to have a stove like this until he was five or six years old when his dad finally got her an electric one.

Do you see that tool next to the iron? It has a wooden handle and the metal is shaped like a bean. Grandma said she used to use one of those for cutting food. This one is dull but she said it was sharp and "worked pretty good."

All around this room were several wedding dresses along with their photos. This woman's dress was on a cabinet next to her.

A short description of a woman's dress. Click to make it bigger.

A match book collection.
There was a history of agricultural development on a couple of posters that I glance through. There was no mention of the introduction of GMO foods! (Genetically Modified Organisms) My brother also saw a man with a Monsanto jacket walking around. You cannot have a history of agriculture in the U.S. with no mention of genetic engineering! No matter how brief it is. Now, I won't go off and try to explain what GMO is all about. Just let me say its really bad and its in almost everything you eat. If you would really like to know more about it I recommend reading "Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Goverment Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating" By Jeffrey M. Smith.

There was some kind of judging going on about camellias so it really was a camellia festival and not a sausage festival as my Uncle Cal and a few others thought it was. We left the festival around four o'clock an went to pick up some furniture for our new house that some folks from church are letting us borrow. Thank you!

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