Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caroling at the Abortion Clinic

          This morning I woke much earlier than I usually do and went with Dad to sing carols and pray at the abortion clinic. I had never been there before today and the experience was not as I expected it to be. The innocent looking building sits behind the Hobby Lobby surrounded by equally non-descript vehicles, holding average looking people. The moon still glowed in the dark sky when we arrived at 6 am and a light wind made little chills scurry up my arms and around my shoulders. The same wind had more force further above and the wispy clouds furled around the moon.
            As I walked down the road towards the group of people who were there for the same reason as I, I was affronted by many signs with the faces of children, signs with pleas for woman to choose life, signs offering help and hope. Pastor Brito's voice swelled as he read the Word and Dad and I quietly slipped into the group.
            I didn't have time to think anything at first, in fact I tried not to, but soon the thoughts would press through.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


          Yesterday morning I got up at five-thirty to get ready to take the PSAT at Trinitas, a private Christian school. I started to wake up at 4:00 and woke up in intervals of thirty minutes until it was finally time to get up. I held up my phone and let the glow light the room. Jubal was sound asleep in his sleeping bag on the floor. During the night he had woken me up three times sleep talking and fussing. I crept around him and turned on the lamp. The morning went as I remember the early mornings in South Carolina when I went to a public school; just now I had a little more concern with my appearances than my nine year old self had back then. That's why there was a hurried hair washing that almost made us late. Details, details, anyways...

           Levi, back from Alaska, ate breakfast with me as he was coming along as well. As we two walked out the door Mom and Dad sent us off with well wishes. "Have a good time!" "Show those questions no mercy!" I answered "I won't!" and "Those questions aren't going to show me any mercy!" (Or something a little better than that. Just think of something clever and that is what I said.)
           I was definitely not ready for the test and was concerned about the math section; although I had no worries about the writing section. I had spent the day before studying and the day before that worrying myself and moping in my room. Levi on the other hand seemed confident with his academic ability.
           On the way there, to finish off our breakfast, we stopped at McDonald's and bought two bacon egg sausage mcgriddles in addition to one small coffee for myself. Levi and I enjoyed each others company and talked about nothings and laughed at silly old jokes from "back in the good ol' days". We often take to reminiscing with each other. It is good to have him back from Alaska. (Soon I will type up a report about all of that.) The morning was nice. A bit chilly for my taste but in reality most people would find it pleasant. When crossing over the bay I looked at the calm water and was pleased with the peachy color from the morning sun reflecting on its surface.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mountain Paradise

Last week as I was driving a certain memory came to mind. I thought of a place we almost lived. A place that was almost home. Our almost paradise.

No, it wasn't Belize. It was up in the mountains. The mountains of South Carolina.

Imagine a beautiful log cabin built out of ceder. Our feet knocked on strong ceder trunks, hewn down out of the mountain to make a home. Almost our home. Wooden floors, wooden walls, all hand made in my young mind at the time, by a man and his family back in the pioneer days; although now I see it wasn't quite that old. Dad showed me the ladder that came down out of the ceiling. He climbed up to opened the trap door then let me in. Gingerly I climbed the steep steps and popped into a room as large as the entire cabin below. Dad told me how he would build a wall and make a bedroom for the boys and a bedroom for the girls. The room was just like out of a story. It was dusty, you could see the particles wafting through the air when they floated into the sunbeam that lit up the room. You could smell the scent of wood. A sturdy deck came out from the dining room and over looked the river that flowed swiftly by. I remember looking at the water fall and soaking up the beauty. It was exhilarating. Also I squealed to Daddy about where I could put my play kitchen.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toe Ring - Bartok - Epiphany - Frog

My mother came into my bedroom with her pink and black pajamas on. "Get up! We're going to be late, we have to leave in thirty minutes." Now that my friend, is not the kind of thing a teenage girl wants to hear when she has any place to go besides the kitchen or livingroom.

I rolled out of my bed and fetched my clothes out of the backpack I had not yet unpacked from the day before when I was baby sitting my pastors three young children. A yellow skirt and my blue T-shirt from Wall Mart with an owl and the caption, "It's owl good", exactly not what I was feeling this morning. I had just got out my razor when I was told to get Jubal up.
        I came to his bed and bent down and patted his back. "Jubal, it's time to get up. Good morning." I smiled.
        He was up instantly and the first thing out of his mouth as he stumbled around the room was "Play, play" He rubbed his tummy and almost fell over.
        "No, it's not time to play now. It's time to go potty."
He groggily followed me to the bathroom. Groggy toddlers are so cute. With him sitting on the potty I finished shaving. I gave myself razor burn and missed an entire two and a half inch patch of stubby hair. Ack! So embarrassing.. and here I am telling you all about it.
       Well anyways, all this time Savannah had been making french toast and scrambled eggs. I sent Jubal to Savannah to get something to eat. Savannah was already dressed, had her hair braided, and had her bag packed for later today. How did she do that? I continued my mad rush; scarfed down a couple of bites of toast; spent three minutes looking for my deodorant which should have been on my dresser but was of course in my backpack; found my-toe ring.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello There

Hello friends and family, it has been quite a while since we chatted hasn't it? I think three months is the longest I've ever been absent on my blog before. Sorry about that, I sort of have been avoiding this talk. Because you see, I fear I may have grown boring. Well I don't know, it's just a different feeling this new life it really is still new to me. Ordinary things happen to me now, and I don't really know how to deal with ordinary. It is taking some getting used to. But I will try to spare you my wandering thoughts and will give you a recap of what has been going on here in Florida. (Golly, that still sounds strange to me. Florida. Hmm.)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Savoury Day

Today is Wednesday and thank goodness it has been an ordinary day. It was not long ago when my days were filled with adventures - marvelous things to read about but being the actual character in the story is uncomfortable to say the least. The Took part of me is quite worn out and the Baggins side is gaining strength. Therefore, though I run the risk of being somewhat of a bore, I will gladly tell you about something ordinary.

Louis Lamore

Yesterday Mom, Savannah, and I went to the library. Made a special trip just for it and did not accomplish a drop more with our trip to town. There we searched for violin books for Jubal of which he has taken a great fancy to of late. A tall thin wrinkly tanned man with glasses and a hat overheard our discussion with the librarian concerning the instrument. He told us he made violins and he and Mom comfortably went off in a little dialogue. The librarian told me where to find the book and I retrieved it with some little trouble. It is called Mole Music and is a neat little book.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in Missouri

After Presbytery family camp was over our family took a quick jog to Missouri and stayed there for three Lord's Days. (Not three weeks mind you but three Sunday's)

You can imagine what we did while we were there. Laughed, gave obnoxious hugs, smiled, ran, jumped, poked... all in all we pretty much revived all of our old traditions. It was great seeing everyone. Also this was not a purely social call we retrieved many of our belongings, specifically our furniture. Belongings that we were not able to take with us to Belize, and had no thought of seeing again for many years, were hauled out and packed onto a moving truck.

No my arm has not been amputated.... just a little low quality photo editing. ;)

I played piano those three Sunday's for church just like I always did before. Three friends played their violins and flute. It was a welcoming throwback and had me reminiscing throughout the songs so that sometimes I would forget where I was in the music. At least my fingers knew and there really weren't any problems.  The following photos are not necessarily in chronological order.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I know y'all have been waiting for a while, do you remember that big news I told you about?
Well now, the time has come to tell it all.

Levi is in Alaska!

My little brother is off on a big adventure.

It all started earlier this year. My older brother is doing so well in Arizona with our cousin doing construction work that I guess word got around in the family. Now I am a little fuzzy on the following details so don't quote me but I believe it was that our other cousin in Alaska had heard what a great worker Zachary was. Someone mentioned that Zach had a brother and bam there you go, with a little more collaboration Levi was hired. So June ninth my little brother hopped on a plane headed for Anchorage to do commercial salmon fishing in Alaska.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Presbytery 2013

Early in the morning, a few hours before it was even grey out, I and my family excepting the baby, woke up and rushed around the house like chickens with their heads cut off. We had to leave the house by six o'clock in order to get to Presbytery in time on Wednesday morning. Every year the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination has two big business meetings. One strictly for the elders over the phone or on Skype and the other combined with a family camp. The family camp one is usually held in May and we try to be there every year.
Savannah and Lauren

Well, all went as planned on Tuesday morning and we managed to get out the door at 6:15 am. Pretty good I'd say. We drove all day long. I slept a lot, did four math problems, and patted myself on the back because of it. We talked with Jubal, gave him animal crackers, walked him around the gas stations, and just overall kept him happy as much as we could. Tuesday night about six o'clock we arrived at the J-----'s family's house.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mayfest 2013

Last Saturday, May 4th, we drove over Atmore to attend the Mayfest with some friends. It was a long drive and part way through Jubal had to have his diaper changed. When we stopped I got out and picked some blackberries I spotted growing off the side of the road. I picked twelve, just enough for everyone to have two. They were yummy and it was kind of fun to have a little snack like that. :)

When we got to their house everyone prepared to set off. Strollers were packed, and snack bags filled. When all was set our group of ten walked down the road and headed for the park. It was very windy and my hair was blown all around.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Garden 2013

Over in our neck of the woods it is and has been time for planting. I am mostly in charge of everything this time and I've never done it before so I am very anxious for everything to work out well. :) Before Zachary, my older brother, has done it but since he's moved out and is on his own now I guess I'll be taking up the mantel. So without further ado here's a look at what we've got up our sleeve for the garden this year.

First the seeds:

Forty different kinds of seeds!

We made two orders. Here is the first. Everything came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. A company I highly recommend.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canoeing the Blackwater

Saturday morning after a meeting at church we and some friends headed off for a fun day canoeing on the Black Water River. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Oh but first, I'll have to tell you how we started our trip. Mom Dad and Jubal were in the wobbly red canoe and not thirty feet after shoving off they ran into the bridge and the whole canoe flipped over! Jubal had on a life jacket and Dad grabbed him up immediately. At first he was scared but after reassurances he began to smile. After that baby brother rode with Levi, Savannah, and I instead in the Trailblazer. The canoe was loaded up with stuff. A water resistant bag with our phones and keys in it, a styrofoam bowl, the purple lunch cooler bag, Dad's jacket and then the paddle came floating down to us. Levi jumped out of the boat to help and Savannah and I went after the paddle which was quickly headed down river. The first sweep we missed but the second time we were able to grab it up. Our friends caught hold of some overhanging branches down river when they realized what had happened.
One thing we didn't realise was that it was 420. April twentieth a lot of people have parties and smoke a joint at 4:20 PM. The river was crowded with tons of people. Eventually we passed them all though.

Now here are some pictures.
Getting ready to shove off.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today is Resurrection Day!

First here are a few Facebook posts collected over the season and then I will tell you about today.

March 21, 2013

One of my favorite church seasons is upon us! Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, (although Holy Saturday I have never done anything special on, but it is part of the calendar) Resurrection Day, and Ascention Sunday! A few years back I attended my first Good Friday Service. It made a huge difference on what I thought about Passion Week. I had grown up with the typical Sunday school story of Easter and then after class teachers and students would talk about Easter egg hunts. After this service the whole idea and thought process about this time of year changed.

Actually I think this is my favorite church season. Palm Sunday is my particular favorite out of the whole bunch.

Sunday can't get here fast enough! (We are also joining that day as well. Two reasons!)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Biking with Grandma, Veteran's Memorial

Last Saturday my two oldest youngest siblings and went riding our bikes. We started out at 10:15 with my brother running beside us as we rode. He is training for a half marathon this November. We spent an hour and a half and only went about three miles. He will get better the more he practises... still he is way faster than me! We stopped at a bridge an looked at the small river below. We saw a big fish! About a foot long and pretty fat.

When we got back to the house we packed a lunch. Sandwiches, tangerines, carrots, and there were supposed to be pretzels but I forgot. We brought some more water and then headed back out at twelve o'clock or so.

It was a quick ride to town, probably about thirty minutes. We zipped through downtown and headed for the docks. There we had our lunch as we dangled our feet over the edge.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dinner Time Shakshuka: Recipe

A while back someone shared a link on Facebook to a recipe for Shakshuka. It is a breakfast dish from Isreal and it is delicious! I have made it several times since then and tonight I made it for supper. I usually do make it for breakfast.

Here I'll show you how I made a dinner version. As these are very general directions you should go check out the original one first at The Shiksa in the Kitchen.
This isn't the best picture, but you can see what it is like. There is an egg missing at the bottom. I forgot to take a picture before I took out the two-year-old's portion to cool.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Singing with Baby

He loves it when I sing this for him. It always changes because he asks for different things. The song started out being only about what we saw when we went on a walk but then he started wanting to sing about boats and his friends. He is a cutie. At the end you might notise him pointing to the keys. That is because he wants me to sing and he is pointing to the the cracks in between the keys because he wants me to sing about that.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wine and Psalm Roar 2013

I didn't take any pictures because I had forgotten my camera. This one was taken by Pastor Stout.

Click here to read what Pastor Uri wrote up about it.  :)

The Psalm Roar was last night, March 8. It was really great. I loved the singing. There was food and wine and plenty of laughs and smiles. We got home around ten o'clock that night. There were three churches that came together that night to sing praises.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Zippidy Doo Da

Lately I have really, really been enjoying my life. This stop in Florida (I am still a bit cautious to presume I know how long) has given me some time to breath. I think of it as a longed for oasis in the middle of a wilderness. While travelling through the wilderness God gave me the ability to endure it but now that we've gotten to this place of rest I don't ever want to leave it. If we must go on we must, but I just think I am in paradise right now.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recipe: Grilled Chicken over Parmesan Rice

I have been thinking about my little cooking page over there in the top right corner. I haven't done much with it, although I haven't slowed down a bit on the cooking. I am not sure I will add anymore to that page or not and I thought I would just start putting them here in the posts section.

Most recently I made an extraordinary dinner all on my own. Usually when I make things without a recipe they are good, and worth doing again (like my carrot and sweet potato soup) but they don't come out amazing as often. This time it did however.

This recipe was inspired by some parsley that was sitting in the refrigerator.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Video: Can You Say No?

Yay! I think I have finally figured out how to put videos in my blog posts! I hope y'all like this one. My baby brother is such a cutie. Well It's not really a video, but it is really close!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Camellia Festival: What I Thought

Today we met my Grandma at the Baldwin Heritage Museum in Elberta. There was a Camellia Festival and there were lots of interesting things to look at. They had a sugar cane mill and we got to see how it worked and crush some ourselves. The juice that came out was sweet and tasted really good! :)

One of the many exhibits in the museum. This is for making seed potatoes.

At the festival there were mainly older people, about my grandma's age maybe a little older maybe a little younger. There were only six people who were not in my family that were sixteen or younger.
There were so many interesting things to look at! I wondered around and around the little museum looking at the same things over and over again. As I absorbed all of this history I overheard several conversations. Mainly folks were saying how they remembered these things or "I used to have one of those!" all were reminiscing about the "good old days" One man was looking at a wood stove with his pal. He said, "My mom used to have one of those up until I was about five or six when my dad finally broke down and bought her an electric one." Every time someone started talking I would quickly step over there and (okay I guess I never "overheard" anything) eagerly listen to what they had to say. They all knew I was listening and sometimes they would turn to me as they spoke. Most of the time all they had to say was wonderful but more than twice they would talk about how my generation doesn't appreciate any of this anymore.

Camellia Festival: What We Did

Yesterday, my family and I met Grandma at the Camellia Festival which was being held at the Baldwin Country Heritage Museum.
Beautiful Camellias. :)   Since we forgot to take pictures of any camellias while we were at the camellia festival, I will have to give you a photo credit.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fifteen Pumpkins

We got these from my grandma's church when they were through using them as fall decorations. You may remember reading about that here.
The following will be several pumpkin related pictures and I will try to get as many of the recipes I used as I can into this post as well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home in Florida

So by now all of y'all have had time to learn about our move to Florida. If you're friends with me on Fcebook you know that I love this new house. And I absolutely adore the pantry. Well now here are some pictures so y'all can get to know our new place a little better.

I must warn you though before you proceed. These pictures are in their raw form, no editing and no sprucing up of subjects before the photo was taken. What you see is what you get. Please be understanding of this as I reveal to you our new home. We are still in the process of moving in and I can tell you at this very moment exactly how many pieces of furniture we have. Not counting metal folding chairs or my keyboard we have eight. Please take this as the explanation as to why there is so much stuff on the floor and oozing out of boxes. (As you read this paragraph please chuckle.)

Now, disclaimer aside - Here it is!

The view from the road.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are We There Yet?

[Here is a collection of recent Facebook status's]

February 6, 2013
An answer to prayer today. It looks like we will be moving into a rental in Florida this Friday. I am a little nervous. Actually a lot. What does this imply for our lives? Is this God's leading? It is hard to tell since we were so grossly mistaken just a few months prior to this. But why was I praying for this in the first place if I am going to be doubtful of it now? I am excited about this though. It has been a while since we have had our own house. The questions is, will it be home? Sometimes I wonder, will this ever end? Will we ever know, or at least have a general idea of, what lies ahead? Surely God must be behind all of this - He never fails to have a reason or a plan. Tell me that there is no God? Well then I would go mad if I ever were to believe it.

"All things must work together for my [continued] salvation." [addition mine]

Like this rental house in Florida. My life needs salvation not just my soul. If this is going to be part of my life, it will be part of God's salvation and His blessing in my life.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Train Ride, Ice cream, Friends, and Two Birthdays

This blog post will be a conglamoration of photos that were taken in January. This is what January looks like in Alabama this year.

Around The House

Yes, we were still celebrating Christmas in January.

He loves to take the compost out.

Our Baby's Second Birthday

I am so excited to share these pictures with all of y'all! I am very proud of my mother for doing such a great job on this project.
Thomas the Tank Engine!

Mom worked two days on this cake, the kitchen was a wreck. It was awful. The fondant had to be made and remade at least three times. After the cake was made it unfortunately had to wait two more days for the party. Mom did not put Thomas' face on because she was afraid it would slump before it was ready to eat.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Years 2013

New Years Eve we went on a camp out with the church we have been attending in Pensacola, Florida - Providence Church, which is in the CREC (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches) denomination.

Right so yes, we went on a New Years Eve camp out with the church. We did not get very many pictures because we were having so much fun but I will share the few we have with y'all.

We arrived early and so we had time to explore the site.

I played Horse with Bethany.

Mom and Dad went exploring with the baby.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two Years

Two years ago today, my baby brother was only one week and three days old. It had only been one week and three days since our house burned down and only one week and three days since I had seen the ugly side of the police force. The side that only criminals are supposed to see. On this day two years ago we were still living with our friends and my parents were still in the hospital struggling to keep our baby brother safe. Struggling to keep their son in their arms. It was a dark time. An uncertain and frightful time. Almost equal to the year when we first moved to Missouri. That year our family went through what seemed like Hell on earth. The questions, the doubts, the accusations I flung at God. "What are you doing?!" Anger and confusion was my first reaction. Then about a week after it happened something clicked. God spoke to me and then I knew that my life had been changed irrevocably for the good.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

I know y'all haven't heard a peep out of me about Christmas. You may be wondering, "Did they even have Christmas this year??" Well to answer your question, (never mind that I asked it for you..) yes we did have Christmas and it was lovely. Grandma said it was the nicest Christmas she ever remembers having. Our Christmas celebration as a family was quiet and not at all stressful.

December first...

we went to visit our friends in Louisiana. We stayed for a week and while we were there among all the other everlastingly fun things we did we also went a local fair in town.

They always have the cleverest Christmas decorations. We went there last year as well.