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Fall Festival, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Bike Ride, and Nature Trail

November, 2012

Grandma's church as an event every year that they call the Fall Festival. My sister and I went with Grandma to help out.

I worked at the craft table,

and my sister helped at the lemonade stand.

While we were there my sister and I made friends with this little gem of a girl. :)
It was a long day and when it was all finished we brought home FIFTEEN pumpkins!
The pumpkins require a post all to themselves. I've been having fun experimenting with different ways to use pumpkins.
The church was going to throw them away to make way for Christmas decorations so we just took them all home. :) So far we've used five. Eaten two, and gave three away.

We also went to a Veterens Day parade down town.

Thanksgiving came and we had a quiet feast at home. Uncle Cal came over and we sang some songs.
This was the first Thanksgiving that we ever actually had the meal outside. We've had plenty of Thanksgivings with outdoor fun, but we've never eaten outdoors.

My younger brother and sister and I went on a bike ride to Fort Morgan starting at the grocery store close by to Grandma's. It was twenty-two miles.

Grandpa was a biker and biked all over the place. My brother in this picture is standing with Grandpa's bike.

I have many fond memories of Grandpa on his bike. He loved to take us on bike trips in the parks. He would talk loudly, and point out anything interesting he saw. He encouraged us to stop and look around, climb trees, laugh, play in the water. His interest was having fun, not making miles. Even though he did pack quite a few miles behind him. From Detroit Michigan all the way to Greenville South Carolina, and many other trips as well. This trip was a lot of fun.

We ate lunch on the wall at the back of the Battery.

After lunch we passed by the ferry that takes people over to Dauphin Island and went into the Fort itself. We had been there many times before but that was all when we were younger. This was the first time we have been back for years.

Fort Morgan is on the peninula which is called, Fort Morgan Peninsula. ;) It belonged to the Confederates during the War of Northen Agression, (kown by neutral parties as the War Between the States and the Yankees as the Civil War.) but unfortunatly was eventually lost. The Fort was used as a base for multiple wars. World War One, The War of Eighteen Twelve and the one I already mentioned. During World War One the fort never saw any action. They just did their drills there and were prepared to fight, but no fighting ever came their way. Throughout the forts history it had always had a problem with leaking. They tried many times several different ways to fix it but eventually abandoned the effort. Over the years, as building techniques improved, portions of the fort were added on, or converted, or blocked off altogether. Fort Morgan is not as well kept up as Fort Gaines which is over on Dauphin Island. We took the ferry over and visited it recently. On the Peninsula when you stand looking straight at the fort, on your right is Mobile Bay and on your left is the Gulf of Mexico.
This is called the ditch. If enemies were to get down there they would have no chance. Guns on both sides. The side on the left is the outer wall, and the wall with the big entrieway in it is the inner wall.
Biiiig walls.....
The left side is older. The cement was added later. Also the bricks are actually stairs. You can tell a little in this picture in the top left corner. The steps are really tall, each one is about one and a half feet tall.

This is the base of a dissapearing cannon. There are at least two different kinds of these cannons, because I personally seen two different kinds. The other kind is bigger and in adition to being behid a wall it also goes partly into the ground. The immense power of these cannons shot would force the cannon back down with a tremendous crash. The only time it was ever in view was when it raised to make it's shot. This is an obvious military advantage. Not one of these cannons, to my knowlege, were ever hit by the enemy.

While we explored the fort we chained our bikes up to this big anchor. I remember this anchor from a long time ago. :)
As evening fell and as Dad came hurtiling towards us in the highpowered, super sonic speed, duely pickup truck, we hung out in the parking lot of the ferry.
Biking is much faster than walking, but compared to Nascar, or even Farmer Brown, it is definetly a leisurely sport.

After that trip I said I wouldn't get on a bike again until I had a better seat. Oof, I was sore.
After church one Sunday we went on a short board walk, Weeks Bay Nature Trail.
There were lots of these.
Pitcher Plant and a Bee
Pitcher Plants live in marshy areas and are not as common as they used to be.
A few trips to the parks, dogs, our normal use of the river, and some cute photos around the house, and that sums up November. On to December!

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