Thursday, November 29, 2012

We are Not Moving to Belize

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It was while we were in Louisiana that my dad got a call from work. His boss said that he couldn't let my dad go to Belize and work there. So that was the end of it. All in one phone call. All of our plans, work, and time we put into it, more than a year, all of our expectations, hopes, desires, and as we felt our duty, were all put to nothing in one phone call.

I notised my parents acting a little fishy and I wondered what was up. Mom told me we were going to stay with our friends for another day. Okay, yipee another day. I was definetly not looking forward to saying goodbye so postponing our departure was very good news for me. But I still wondered what was going on. The next day our parents told us. I was very dissapointed.

We decided to stick with our plans and to continue on to Texas
but instead of going from there to Belize we would turn around and come back. We would visit our friends again in Louisiana and then spend the Holidays with my Grandma, Dad's mom, in Alabama. (In fact we are in Alabama right now and all upcoming posts will be about our time here.)

While we were in Texas Mom and Dad broke the news to our friends waiting for us in Belize. Also the day we were leaving Texas we picked up my older brother from the airport. He had originally taken time off to help us with the moving in process but now he was just coming with us for fun. He stayed with us for two weeks. He was with us when we went back to Louisiana and for our first week in Alabama.

The first couple of days we were kinda confused. We thought that God had been calling us to make this move. Evidently we read his message wrong and He stopped us. You can never do anything out of God own choosing. We've had time now to adjust to this sudden change and we've got another plan. I just hope this is also Gods plan, because if not we are sure to run into another dissapointment.

Even though I was very much looking forward to moving to Belize I am still able to look at where we are now and be content. I am content because I know that God has a plan for us.

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