Thursday, November 22, 2012


Sunday - Thursday, October 14 - 18
We had fun in Texas visiting with friends. Here are some pictures of our time there.

One day we took a trip into Dentin. We breezed through the court house, stopped at a coffee shop, browsed through a second hand book store, and went gold digging in a thrift store. (We found quite a few gems but were low on space and didn't take any back)

Court House
Because I have a fascination for crooked pictures...

They turned the old court house into a museum. A new one was built in another part of the city.
I just love these old fashioned kitchens. I want one like this in my own house some day. Well almost, maybe I'd like a liiitle more counter space. ;)
Coffee Shop

That place is really hoppin' in there. They have Wi-Fi available and lots of college students come there and work on their laptops. They serve lots of different kinds of drinks and a few baked snacky things.

I got some kind of a coconut smoothie. :)
We enjoyed sitting outside. It was a beautiful day, just a little bit windy. It was interesting to watch the people going by. One man in a suit coat was talking on his cell phone and walking around as he was talking.He looked agitated, he kept sitting down and getting up and sitting down and getting up from the bench in the side walk. A woman and her daughter walked by carrying a few bags from one of the stores, two college girls walked along together talking, a young man on a bicycle stopped at the light and waited for the crossing signal, and all through it a man playing the guitar spilled music into the atmosphere. It was relaxing.

Book Store
This place was chock full of books! We could have stayed there for an eternity.... maybe.
And I know we have more pictures somewhere but I can't find them! I would like to put them on here, I have no pictures of the family except for the mom. I mean, they are in those other pictures I can't find but I have none posted on here. *sigh* well, anyways, I can assure you we had a wonderful time.

Levi and John went to the shooting range one day after breakfast and didn't come back until around two! I would have been so bored. I mean I like shooting and everything but for >that< long... yeah I couldn't do it.

We girls stayed quiet at home, but I am sure had a proportionate amount of fun. There was a piano, a harp, a baby, the garden, cards, computers, drawing, and of course our mouths. ;)

Mom and Mrs. Florence talked a lot, the two dad's had to work but enjoyed the evenings.

Another day we took a shopping trip. My sister and I got a few pairs of jeans, my brother got some too, our friends got some shirts. Also, I looked at the cow boy boots that were being sold and wished I was rich.

And that's pretty much it.

Next stop, was not Belize as we had planned. I will write more on that later.

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