Monday, November 5, 2012

Teenager n. A young person that shows irrevocable signs of being a jug-head and/or is driven by insatiable selfish desires

Who are we?

There is this thing that has been bothering me lately.
The misconception people have that "teenagers" (any young person 12 through 18 or 19) are practically a different creature than "adults" (any person that is finished with college and may or may not have children). Teenagers either think differently, see differently, dress differently, eat differently, think they're smarter than their parents, listen to horrible noises that they call music, practically LIVE for fashions and celebrities, or have a chronic disease called "irresponsibility". Teenagers get a "mouth off for free" and a "party, have sex, get high and get drunk for free" card. After all they're teenagers and that's what teenagers do. (I don’t mean to say that adults approve of these things, but they sure aren’t doing anything to stop it. Oh, and handing out condoms doesn’t help.)

And then there's "My crazy college days". This is the same thing as the teenage years except for two differences.
1. You’re spending your own money (Well, at least MORE of your own) and not your parents, and you don't have as much ample opportunity to show disrespect to them. 2. You now LOOK more like an adult and are given more privileges even though you have given absolutely NO reason for people to believe you’re not going screw things up now like you did when you were a "teenager."

Well guess what? That's not how it works people. As Christians, young people have the same responsibility as older Christians. Think of Timothy, he was considered young yet what did Paul say about him? “Let no one despise thy youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12) Looks like Timothy has the same commands that all Christians do.

What in the world would our ancestors say if they saw these "teenagers" in the church? Even more, what does God say about "teenagers"?  Actually, He doesn't say anything about them - because they don't exist. Teenagers are NEVER mentioned in the Bible, but this grouping of ages are; children, young men, young women, men and women, and old men and old women.
(Young men are MEN that are young. Young women are WOMEN that are young.)
God has made laws for a purpose. There is no fine print with the Ten Commandments, “If you are a teenager or in college this does not apply to you.” or anywhere else in the Bible for that matter. When you go through different age ranges you do not have different obligations. More is required of you, but there is never ever LESS.

If you are older (and by that I mean approximately 13+), but still act like an irresponsible child, you are still a child. You are not a teenager, and these are not your college days. You are irresponsible.
I have things to say, I have coherent thoughts, I care about my family, I have a clean room, I see the purpose of my school work, I like to learn, I like to work, and I listen to classical music and bluegrass.

I am not a teenager. I am not that other creature that is a blight on society; I am not in a stage. 
I am a young woman.

And I know a whole lot of other Christian young women and young men that are not teenagers either. Please keep us in mind next time you see a young person and don’t assume that we are “teenagers”.

Assuming, thinking, or treating younger Christians as “teenagers” means you think they are irresponsible, rebellious, fornicators, or ignorant. When not much is expected of one, one does not rise to the occasion – because there is no occasion. Low expectations encourage laziness and all kind of evils. Young people are physically and for the most part, mentally capable, of the same responsibilities you are.

Expect more from young people and you will get more. Expect change, and you will get it. Expect them to have brains, and they’ll have them. Expect them to abstain from premarital sex and they will. “Teenagers” are not driven by uncontrollable hormones. They are not animals that mate as instinct, or have sudden attacks of rabies and do something stupid.

You are insulting your fellow Christians, your brothers and sisters, CHRIST’S BRIDE; and I feel it. Expect more. They are capable. I am capable.

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