Monday, November 12, 2012


Monday, September 31 [ Update: 11/22/12, I wrote the dates wrong on this post. This actually happened in the early part of October, after we had been in Alabama for about a week.]

We got in to Louisiana late Sunday night. After greeting our friends in whispers and pajamas, we quickly went to our prepared places of rest and plunged into a very deep sleep. It's amazing how hours of being cramped in a vehicle can make a sofa feel like as if you were enveloped in a cloud. (Although I've heard that clouds are actually very wet and cold.... but let us leave that to the scientist.)

The next week was filled with both joy and sadness. This would be the last time we saw these folks for a very long time. With laughs and smiles that were both genuine and sad we spent these days trying not to think about the day we were going to leave. Here are a few pictures of our time there. (Please note there will be no pictures of faces as our friends have asked to be kept private.)

The second oldest is growing avocados. This is her second try. The first two died after she put them in soil. I was quite impressed, I've always wanted to grow avocados, my older brother has.

Said daughter playing the piano.

Well... there weren't as many pictures as I thought there would be. But, we had such a wonderful time that we did not mind the camera too much. We were busy with people!

Our next stop would be Alabama to visit our grandmother. [Update: 11/22/12, I have this all backwards. First we were in Alabama then Louisiana. The next stop after Louisiana was actually Texas.]

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