Monday, November 5, 2012


Sunday night, September 30

On our way to Louisiana we stopped in Georgia. We did not stay long at all, only for a few hours. We have some friends that live there, they used to live in South Carolina. They went to the same church we did and we lived right next door to each other for a while. (I was too little to remember that part but I do remember their house.)

Seeing these people was two things, strange and dreamlike, but also like we had never left. I used to call the mom Aunt Lasagna. For some reason Tanya was very hard for me to remember. Em---- was there and S------ to but their middle brother was not. He died last year from a heart attack. It was very different not having him there. He was my "boyfriend" when I was little and we played together all the time. S------ didn't remember us, he had only been a baby back then, but I remember him. He and my little sister would play out on the sun porch with the big blocks. I was the only one of us young people that remembered anybody. Mom and Dad did perfectly and talked and talked.
They had dinner waiting for us when we got there. Pizza, lemonade, and some dessert. It was good, and boy let me tell you, I was hungry.

We were so busy visiting that I forgot to take pictures. I only have three. The ones I'm about to show you and a stupid close up of my Dad's beard. I won't show you that one.

Dad and Mr. Rick talking.
I don't remember Mr. Rick at all. Since we've left SC there was a divorce and now a remarriage. The man I remember is Mr. Rob.

S------- watching the football game.
E------ and I talked some, but we're both shy when it comes to new people and we were practically new to each other. But we weren't entirely so it wasn't too awkward.

At the end the dad's had to lay down the law and get the ladies to stop talking. We would have been there all night! We had hugs and they all even stood out in the rain until we had driven out of sight. I really wish we could have stayed longer.

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