Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alabama: Part Two

Sunday, October 7

we went to Grandma's church. I've sorta grown up there. We visited often over the years and I remember playing on the play ground, making a friend there which I kept through the years because we visited often enough.

I love playing the piano in that building. The sound just wells up in there and fills the whole room. I could play for hours upon hours in that building. I love going in there when nobody else is around and just singing and playing to my hearts content. Sacred and solemn, joyful, beautiful, sad, confusion and turmoil, peace and contentment, praise. Playing on that piano in that room, I can make the music speak.

After church we visited family in the area.

Uncle Cal

Cousin Nick

Aunt Bernice in the blue T-shirt on the right and another cousin in the green T-shirt on the left.
It was a busy day that Sunday.

Sometime during our week long visit I drove through Mobile. I hate city driving. Grandma had some errands to run and her tire was flat on the van. Mom was busy at the house and Dad had to work and Grandma can't drive our big truck so I was the only one left. Dad came with us but was busy working on his computer.
Can you guess what business this is?

Grandma waits her turn and looks very pretty as she expertly plays her part.
After the long business call we went out to eat at this place.
Then an hour and a half drive back and we were done. Oh I hate driving in the city. Phew, that was really exhausting.

The night before we left we were busy packing packing packing. We had stuff to get tied down to the trailer, and oh man, all sorts of stuff to do.

In the end this is everything we would bring with us beside the bags that we would carry in our hands onto the bus. This picture wasn't taken in Alabama but it's the only one I have of the trailer. This is what we would start our new life out with in

Monday, October 8
The day we left we took some our goodbye pictures with Grandma. We didn't know when we would see her next. Surely not for a long while.
Grandma gave my sister and cross necklaces so that we would all three match. I where mine almost every day. My sister's broke so we have to get it fixed.

Mother and Son

Grandma sat on the front steps and watched us drive away. I could see she was crying. It was sad.
The next destination was Louisiana which I have already written about, regrettable out of order.

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