Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alabama: Part One

I made a mistake in my last post. We did not go to Louisiana until after we had visited Alabama. This is the real order starting at Georgia. Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas. I had posted out of order and put Louisiana first. Sorry if that's a little confusing. The dates I wrote for Louisiana are all wrong. Those dates actually belong to Alabama. So, I'll just start all over again.

Monday, September 31 [Update: 11/22/12, Ahh! Why did I put Speteber 31? There is no Septeber 31! This was actually Monday, October 1]

We got to my grandma's place in Alabama late Sunday night. I can't remember if grandma met us at the door or not, it was a while ago and things have kinda blurred together in my memory. Anyways, I'll just get started with the pictures. We stayed in Alabama for a whole week. Here's (quite) a few snapshots of what we did that week.

We went out on the river of course...

There's always big birds around. The closest I've ever gotten to any was a pelican at five feet.

I promise you he was having fun. Up until this point. Needles to say, we went back shortly after this photo.

And this is Grandma's house.

Baby brother points at a frog.

We visited Grandma's friend's fabric store "Fabrics by the Pound". Dad and Grandma are talking to him in the background. He also happens to be her neighbor and who she buys her eggs from.
We had a cook out one night.

Oh sister, this is just because you are so funny. ;)

Another day we had a picnic underneath the huge live oak tree just down the road.

It's a gorgeous tree. I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture of the whole thing with no people in it. It would have been very pretty. But still, this shot is okay. Of course Little Brother had to climb it. I would have too except I had a narrow jean skirt on. Not the best thing for climbing.

That day was a busy day. We also went to the barber shop to give Baby Brother his first haircut.

He did not like it.

Look at him clinging to his mama. Such a sweetie.
We also went to the beach that day.

He couldn't wait to get to the water. He didn't even have his life jacket on yet!


And here's some underwater shots. :)

At the end of the day we had one tired baby.


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