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South Carolina: Part Two

Tuesday, September 25

We didn't do very much this day. Just has breakfast did school work... just like we used to. :)

Look at these two little sleepy heads.... <3

Hehe, they're so cute. :)
These two just loved each other. They were so cute mispronouncing each other's name. First thing in the morning our baby would ask about his friend. If he was crying she would come running to tell us about it. They are the best of buds.

Playing outside is always fun. It was a little strange being the ones supervising play time when it used to be we were the ones being supervised.

Later that day the Hollis family came over for dinner. I remember going to their house a long time ago. They had big air vents in the floor and we watched the Wizard of Oz and played with blocks. I remembered Mrs. Becky when I saw her but I didn't remember Mr. Rick. I remembered the girl, she was a baby, but didn't know the boys. I just remember playing with the boys but I didn't remember any of them specifically.

Old friends get together again. All these folks knew my parents before I was born and watched me grow up.

My sister and I had cake to celebrate our birthdays.

My sister's birthday was actually in May but she hadn't had her cake yet. It wouldn't work in the toaster oven at our place so we never did bake it. I am so excited for our new house! It will have a full size oven in it! I mean, some people eat ALL their food raw... but I like fresh baked bread and pie's, and casseroles and things. Anyways, yes we had cake.

Mine was coconut dump cake, and S-----------'s, was pineapple upside down cake.

Oh, and there was ice cream too.

After everything was put away we all gathered around the TV to look at pictures. We hooked up Dad's computer to the TV so everybody was able to see. First we went to Google maps and showed everyone where Belize is and the different cities and things. We showed them what town we were going to be living in. Then Dad showed them the pictures from their trip a couple years ago when they had first gone down there to visit. It was on that trip that they decided that Belize was the place to go but they just weren't sure if it was the time to go. Well now is the time to go and everything is falling into place. God's hand was never seen so clearly.

Wednesday, September 26

The morning was spent doing school work, then at lunch time Aunt Vicky stopped by on her lunch break. It was like we hadn't left Aunt Vicky was still the same. Except her hair was different. ;)

Later that day after dinner my sister, A------, and I worked on building little houses. It was a lot of fun, it took all evening and we still had to finish the rest of it in the morning.

Here is a sample of my sister's work.

S---------'s, is an Indian theme.

This is my favorite part. I love the little fire and the pot!

Do you catch the hair, the hat, the shirt, and the skirt? Isn't that awesome! Oh, and look at the mats inside the tepee. That is so cool!
This is a horse. :)

Here is mine.

I didn't have time to finish mine,  so there's not much detail in it. Still, it was fun making it. :)

And this is A---------'s.

That broom is so cool. :)

That night I said goodnight and goodbye to Uncle Mike. He would be leaving in the morning for work before I got up. The next day was going to be our last day, we were going to leave at noon so I wouldn't get to see him again.

Thursday, September 27

In the morning Dad took N------ and J------ on his lap and read them "Go Dog, Go!"

"Go Da, Go?" is how he pronounces it when he wants you to read it to him. It's his favorite book.

Dad left for the office that morning like he had been doing the past two mornings. It seems strange to me for him to leave a certain time in the morning and get back at a certain time. He has been working from home for so long that it is strange for him to leave.

That morning was busy. We spent a little time working on our houses but besides the little time spent on that we were all busy packing. We left around noon and all of us, Aunt Heather, A------, N-------, and my siblings Mom and I, took the short drive to Aunt Vicky's house, the Courtney's.

When we pulled in the drive everything looked the same except the trees had grown. When we came inside EVERYTHING was the same. Same old everything. Same, arrangements of chairs, same mouse pad, same sewing corner, same hippopotamus pin cushion, same exercise equipment, same trashcan, same pillows... No one was home besides Aunt Vicky, our friends gone at school and Uncle Tommy at work.

Well, almost everything was the same. When I came into the living room more of the old couch was replaced with a newer one. When we left years ago it had been a whole sectional sofa. When we came back to visit a year later, part of it was gone and one corner was separated to make a chair. Now when we came back even more of it was missing, just a ghost of a reminder of my second childhood "home." We were practically raised by these people.

L-------, took our baby brother outside to play. When they came back J-------was crying L----'s shirt was splattered with blood, and the babies mouth was bleeding. The swing had knocked a piece of the J------'s front tooth out. We tried to console him but it didn't take very long for Mom to decide that we needed to go to the dentist.

The trip to the dentist was very very long. Very.

The dentist was in town so while we were driving through I didn't exactly recognise it, (we had moved from this town when I was very young) but it seemed familiar to me. It was a strange kind of familiar. There was a Taco Bell across the parking lot from the dentist and I did recognise that one. That was the Taco Bell that had the talking trashcans! It would say "Thank you." Yum!" Gimme some more!" and "That's good!"

I'll spare y'all a description of the dentist visit. In the end we found out that he wasn't seriously injured, and that we'd just have to wait for it to heal. At least he got two toy cars out of the deal.

When Mom, J------, and I finally came home it was time for dinner. When I walked in the door T------ was there on the computer. A big smile and a hi for him. :) I hadn't seen him in years. Then I saw M------ the same for him. Wow, he looked so different. I was disappointed to find out I wouldn't be seeing R-------- that night. She was house sitting for a friend, but I'd see her tomorrow afternoon. Uncle Tommy was home too, he got a hug. :) Aunt Vicky had made apple fritters for desert that night and it was really good. Yum.

I slept in Jo------'s room, she is about ten years old. I had never met her before because she is a foster child and wasn't there last time we visited. She is very curious and I really like her. She wanted to know all about Belize but kept calling it Brazil.

Friday, September 28

When I got up in the morning Uncle Tommy was gone at work, and T-------, M------, and Jo------ were gone at school. I had a leftover apple fritter for breakfast and spent my time working on the Indiana blog post. Aunt Vicky left for a massage and soon after that Mom, my sister, and I left to go visit my friend Cate.

Cate goes to NGU college in South Carolina. It wasn't too long of a drive to get over there. It was great to see my friend again. :) She didn't look very much different but my, how her little sister had grown! Emma happened to be visiting Cate that day so I got to see both of them, also later that day we met up with her older brother Jon, so I got to see three of them! :) It was a lot of fun. Cate and I talked a lot, and she showed me all around the campus. I had brought my camera to take pictures with but I didn't take any! I got distracted and never took any pictures until the very end.

And this is the one picture.
Emma didn't remember me at all, she was just a baby when we met. When we left South Carolina she wasn't the baby anymore but the second youngest, she had a baby sister, but was still very small. I met some of Cate's friends briefly, I couldn't tell you their names, but we spent some time with Jon and his friend Shawn. (Pronounced Shown) We played hide and seek with Emma, visited the prayer chapel, talked about the break-up swing, the proposal swing, the couples swing, and various other swings. We talked about foreign countries, memories, and a host of other things. It was a good time.

Eventually Mom came back to pick me up and we said goodbye. She is going to have to visit me soon. When we got back to the Courtney's R------- was there. :) So glad to see her! All of us went out to one of our favorite restaurants we used to go to all the time. El Magoui's. It looked different then I remembered but perhaps it hasn't changed. That was a good time.

We came home and went to bed, except R------ who went to go house sit.

The next day was fun too, but I'll write about that later.

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