Sunday, October 28, 2012

South Carolina: Part Three

I have not posted about our travels in quite a while. The days are kinda blurring together so I will have to go real quickly through the rest of the pictures to get all y'all caught up on current events in the H--------- household.

Right, so South Carolina. Here are the rest of the pictures.

Saturday, September 29

These pictures are all from the Jockey Lot. A huge outdoor flea market where you can practically do ALL of your shopping. From pigs to socks, guitars and lotions... anything you can think of you can find here. We used to go here often when we were little. Sometimes Dad would buy us a bag of boiled peanuts to munch on as we walked around. The place used to seem very big when I was little but somehow it shrunk in size over the years.

One time in the indoor section I started following a man in a huge brown overcoat. Dad had one similar to is and I thought it was him. When I found out it wasn't I was so scared and didn't know what to do. I stood there in the middle of the walk way my mind racing trying to figure out if I should go searching or to stay put and wait for them to find me. Thankfully Dad found me before I had made up my mind. After that I stayed very close to my family.

Another time before that, I don't even remember the event myself - have only heard Mom and Dad talk about it, we bought a pot bellied pig and we named it Jack. I don't remember getting him but I do have a faint recollection of the car ride home. It was stinky. We didn't keep Jack for long but I do have a few personal memories of him.... Like the time Mom and Dad gave him a bath with SOAP. (Don't laugh please, I beg for the cover of ignorance.) They were giving him a bath in preparation of the greased pig chase. (Which by the way I remember, it was very funny and scary with Jack running all over the place.) Oh man, you wouldn't believe the fuss he put up. He screamed and squealed and screamed and kicked and thrashed around as if he was seeing the light of day for the last time. The whole neighbor hood must have heard him for miles around. First I was up close watching but Mom screamed to me, "Stand back!" I went up on the back porch and watched the whole thing with eyes opened wide.

Anyways, I could tell you more about Jack but we must get on with the Jockey Lot.

This place doesn't remember us but I  remember it. We've been gone for so long, we were just little people then.

This snake is in the indoor section. It was just one booth away from....

these jams, lotions, soaps, and foot creams.

And that's what I have on the Jockey Lot. I bought a knife while I was there. It was only ten dollars but a very good one.

Later when we got back to the house we rode the four wheelers. An older version of our childhood romps through the woods and fields. Disappointingly, the size of the woods shrunk just as much as we have grown.

I remember when this barn was being built...

The swing that the baby chipped his tooth on hangs from that oak tree. The same one that we as younger ones suffered similar damage.

I love this one! :)

Also that day we had some friends over. They remembered me but I didn't remember them. He are a few pictures from the rest of the day.

Hehe, I remember when this pool table was new. We were barely allowed to touch it, were never, ever, ever to touch the pool sticks and now years later since the newness have worn off, J------ is allowed to bang around with the balls as much as he wants. Times have changed.

The guys went out to test out our Kevlar bullet proof pillow...

Obviously it doesn't work.

Sunday, September 30

Saturday was the last full day in South Carolina. We worked on packing our bags that night and left the next day after church. The C---------'s church is just the same as I remember it, it was strange to be there again. After church we went out to eat at CiCi's Pizza, the same one we used to always go to. It was the one where we were the very first customers ever to eat there. The first sale they ever made and so our dollar bill was framed and hung on the wall. I didn't think to look to see if it was still there but I suppose it was.

Our next stop was Georgia. We would get there later that night and stay a few hours for a very short visit to some old friends. From Georgia we would go to Alabama.

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