Tuesday, October 2, 2012

South Carolina: Part One

Sunday, September 23

Having left Indiana we head for South Carolina. Here are some traveling pictures.

Now isn't this great? It was so odd to see this design on the bag.
Yes, we are on the road.

Late night supper in Tennisee

He was soo wired. He had so much fun flipping the pages in the Juke Box, and climbing up and down from the benches, and crawling over Mom as he tried to do a face plant in the waffle.

Hotel room in South Carolina...

Monday, September 24

Art work on the window....

And we arived!!!! (I love South Carolina!)

So, I don't have any arival shots, I was so caught up in the actual ariving that I forgot about my camera... ;)

We stayed at our "Aunt's" and "Uncle's" house. We are not actually related but they've got the names. It was so much fun and amazing and great and a joy to see them and their oldest daughter again! I also got to meet their new little girl for the first time! I love her! <3

Here she is!

After we hung out here for a while we went to our real Aunt's and Uncle's for dinner and to visit.

The boys had so much fun together. :)

The older kids played cards under the climbing wall. But, this was no ordinary card game. When we cousins get together card games lose their "let's keep everybody quiet and entertained at the same time too" air...

I don't know what this game was.
Dinner was very good. Soup, rolls, and chocolate chip brownie cookies.
I caught R------- smiling!!

Learning to be a homemaker.

These guys loved having their own table!

I know, that random arm is just... random. But it's almost the only dinner shot I have. Hey, who has time fot a camera when there is a spoon in the other hand?

Two brothers. :)

We stayed for a while until it was quite dark. Some adventures with walkie talkies, a tired baby, crazy cousins, hugs, laughs, (LOTS of laughs) toy horses, wet grass, arguments over flashlights, and a ride in the back of the pick up later, we say our goodbyes and head back to our "Aunt's" and "Uncle's"

When we get home we finally see Uncle M----- (He was gone at work when we arived) so we stay up later and talk even though all of us are nodding our heads. We haven't seen any of them in years!

We eventually go to bed. I slept on the couch, my sister with the oldest girl, my brother in the mudroom and my parents and the baby in the oldest girls old bedroom. Since we've been gone they converted the garage into more living space, and the oldest girl has a new room now. Her old one has been turned into a school room. That was the only thing that has changed since we've been gone. It was so good to be back in another one of our old "homes". We spent so much time there when we were younger. I remember when the oldest girl was crawling, and when she was being potty trained, and when she was in a car seat! There are just so many memories in SC.... y'all are going to here me wander off in memory lane quite often I am sure.

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