Monday, October 1, 2012

Indiana: Part Two

As for everything we did in Indiana, it wasn't a whole lot. I will just breeze through this real fast because as of right now, I am three states behind in my writing. So, Indiana.

The night we got there I didn't do much of anything except eat and go to bed. Aunt Rita had ordered some pizza so that's what I had for dinner.

Friday, September 21

The next morning I slept in. We stayed at the house all that day. We walked the dogs through the familiar patch of woods, played with the baby, and when I wasn't doing that I was writing about Arizona. So here are a few photos of an ordinary day.

He had a lot of fun with the magnets.
Lots of laughing at dinner time. :) This roast took a lot longer than the cooks had anticipated to cook.

And just 'cause this one is funny. ;)

He was asking to get up by patting on my leg. I taught him that when he was younger so now whenever he wants to get up somewhere, be it a chair, a lap, or stairs he always pats it and says "Eh? eh?"

And this bowl of ice cream turned an ordinary day into an exceptional day. We don't ordinarily have ice cream and it is always an exception when we do. ;)

Dad and my brother like to play games late at night. Ordinarily it's chess but this proved to be another exception.
We stayed in Aunt Rita's newly finished basement. All the other times we have been there we children slept in the basement. A basement basement; it wasn't finished and there was all sorts of stuff down there. Things that made a rich soil for our young minds to dig up scary dreams in. Long racks of clothes, a wooden Indian, a terribly tangled up vacuum cleaner, cold concrete floor, the heater and air conditioning units, mysterious pipes, exercise equipment, a door that opened out into the yard, and a creaky ceiling above us. Despite the fact that we had a bed with two night stands on either side equipped with big lamps that we could switch on at any time, despite that there was a alarm clock that glowed blue, and despite the fact that this little area was separate from the rest of the basement, all the dark shapes of known and unknown items overrode these feeble comforts.

I think a child's imagination makes up for his lack of vocabulary and his short stature.

This time however, the basement had been turned into a comfortable apartment and we made good use of all that was offered to us.

Saturday, September 22

We spent the morning at Aunt Rita's but then after lunch we piled into the truck to go to Uncle Derril's place. There were a lot of cousins and aunts there. There was also lots of food, smiles, pictures, laughs, and fun.

Mom is talking to Aunt Norma. The baby on the floor is Alexzaviar. I think it is so cute, especially because you and say Zaviar. :)

The three middle siblings with Aunt Judy.
Uncle Derril

I love this little guy. His name is Brandon and he is such a little cutie.
When the other little boy took the last cookie he was mad at him so he followed him around trying to make him give it to him. I went over there to see what the problem was. He justified his behaviour by saying, "But he's scrunching up my heart!" I asked him, "A cookie is scrunching up your heart?" Enthusiastic head nod. "That's a strange heart. Hearts are made to pump blood through your body." He shrugged his shoulders and looked sheepish. He didn't have anything to say about that.

He's a fast learner because early on in the evening he figured out that when I say something it's the law. Well, the same boy that took the last cookie was climbing on the play kitchen and Brandon didn't think he should do that. He came and got me and said "Tell Weston to get down." When I came in Weston saw me "Weston, get down from there!" In a heart beat he was down back on the ground.

Alexzaviar and his mom.

These little kids won my heart so fast, and they absolutely adored me. We had a good thing going here. The baby in pink is Malaya and the one in grey is Emma I think. (She wasn't there until later so we didn't get to know each other very well.)
Let me tell you about them.

Brandon: He is the oldest at the grand number of four. The way we became friends was this. He was sitting in the play room getting ready to pull all the wipes out of the wipes container. I told him to give it to me and he wouldn't. He said, "No! it's mine." I had to wrest it out of his hands which made him pout. But then he started ringing the bell on the play restaurant. "Ring ring!" So then we started to play restaurant. He ordered all sorts of things, including an onion and orange juice for his son Elmo. We were best buds by the time we were done playing this. You already heard about him coming to get me to make Weston get down, and about the cookie.

Another time Weston came crying to me and Brandon followed. "But he hit me first!" I picked up Weston and gave Brandon a talking to. "It doesn't matter if he hit you first, you don't hit him back. That's not nice. Say you're sorry." "But he hit me first!" "That doesn't matter. Say your sorry." Brandon drooped his head and said quietly, "Sorry Weston." Then I told Weston that he "shouldn't hit Brandon even if he was bothering you. You don't hit him." He stopped crying and then I put him down and they started playing again.

Brandon was playing restaurant again and he wanted my little brother to play. He would say, "J------, you're my son, sit here."

Weston: He is two but is going to be three soon. We became friends when he came to join my baby brother and I looking at the pictures on my camera. He would ask, "What's that? What's that? Huh?" He was very impressed with the pictures of the big crows. After we looked at the pictures he, Brandon, and I played Go Fish. We were very lax with the rules but it still didn't last very long. Brandon had lots of fun, Weston was crumpling the cards. I gave him a warning and told him he couldn't play anymore if he didn't stop crumpling the cards. He did and so his cards were taken away. Soon after that the game ended. Brandon pouted about it but pretty soon left to play something else. Weston was still upset about getting kicked out of the game so he pushed over a glass of water and pretended it was an accident. I didn't make a fuss over it but said "Uh oh, you gotta be careful Weston. We have clean it up." I rushed to the kitchen for a towel and Weston followed. We came back to the scene of the accident and I gave him the towel. "Just wipe it up right here." He did so willingly and I pointed out some spots he had missed. I praised him for his good work. When he was finished he stood up and said "I don't want anybody to step where I wiped it up." "I don't think anybody will, it's off to the side here." We went back to the kitchen and put the towel on the floor for the laundry later. Weston and I talked a lot. He is a very curious child, he wants to know everything.

Malaya: She is the baby, just a little younger than our baby. She didn't talk of course but we had fun playing games. She is very social and loves to sit on people laps. She wanted me to be right there with her while she ate her food. Once she was eating a piece of chocolate cake, I was just coming out of the playroom passing by her when she held out her hands to be held. When I saw her I said, "Oh boy, oh my, you want me to hold you? Oh boy." She was covered in chocolate. It was all over her face, on her hands, on her shirt. I picked her up and said, "Let's go wash you off. You're covered in chocolate, how in the world did you get so messy, Malaya?" She grinned. I took her to the sink and washed her off, she really liked the faucet and we stayed longer than we needed to just to play. We also colored and examined a lot of different toys. We were at Uncle Derril's long enough that people got hungry again, including Malaya. I got her to eat broccoli soup. She really liked it. :)

Emma: When she got there I played with her too. She was sitting on the step with her face on the floor. I snuck up to her and pounced. "Boo!" She whipped her head up and laughed, I tickled her in the sides and she laughed more.

When it was time to go Emma was sitting in a chair. She waved her hand and said "Bye!" I went over and gave her a big hug, "Bye Emma." I gave Weston a hug too, he didn't do very much. When I gave Brandon a hug he shrugged me off and said, "I'm going to be big!" He then jumped and did a karate move. I don't think he wanted to see me go. When it was Malaya's turn she would not let me go. She cried and cried when I put her down.

So you see, those little ones are my little sweeties. Too bad we're moving away. They won't remember me. :(

Sunday, September 23

The morning was spent getting ready to go. I had some spare time so while waiting I decided to put it to good use.

I don't know what that white streak is...
Before we take off we pose for some pictures.

Dad with the baby, three of the older siblings, Aunt Rita, and Cousin Jerry.

Two cousins, Mom and Jerry.

Aunt Rita sent us with some prunes that day and they still are not all eaten. We all got in the trucks and started off towards our next destination. South Carolina!


  1. Thanks for filling us in on your travels, Elise! Looking forward to following your next moves. We miss you all at church!

    The M Family at the corner of U and C

  2. Ha! I'm so glad you've been keeping up. :) I miss everyone at church too. :( Sundays are just not the same anymore. But I know this is what God is having us do so I'll just wait until He gives us a new church.


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