Friday, September 28, 2012

Indiana: Part One

Thursday, September 20

Wednesday night, I am packing up my things.

I didn't get up any earlier than I normally did because my flight was at eleven o'clock, but we did hurry through the morning. We were completely ready to go at eight thirty which was when we had planned on leaving. But first, we took some pictures with my dog. Because after all, that was why I was there, to drop her off with them. We can't take her with us to Belize. I am going to miss her. :(

We left just a few minutes after eight thirty. It was a long drive into Phoenix, my grandparents were nervous about the traffic, but we got there without any problems. Inside the airport we managed things like pros.... we only stood around totally confused once. ;)

I had two suit cases which were easy to carry. I wouldn't have Dixie this time to lug around and pull my arms out of my sockets. But, I would have gladly done that if I could've taken her. *sigh*.....
Printing out my ticket.

After we were done down here we went back up the elevator to the gates. We sat outside of the security for a while. We took our goodbye pictures there in the chairs.

After a while I left my grandparents with plenty of hugs and headed for the security point.

This time I will spare y'all the mini rant about our rights as American Citizens....
As I was going through security I was irritated as usual. I forgot to grab a bin, the nice man behind me reached back and gave me one. I emptied out my computer bag of all its contents, not much but still enough to make me irritated when I was told by the TSA agent that I actually didn't have to do all that, I only had to take out my computer. After a lot of trouble and rearranging I finally get everything through the X-ray. I head for the scanner but then the same agent told me I had to take off my shoes. Oh yeah, I forgot. So I go back for another bin and this time a lady hands one to me and says, "It's hard getting it all figured out." I think all that were present were aware that I was by myself by this time.

Well, I made it through. I was relieved to sit down in the waiting area for the plane I was taking. All I had to do was show them my ticket and get on. Sitting next to me were a group of talkative old ladies.
My seat was 28a zone 3. As I was boarding I noticed that a man was telling the people that he could check their bags for them so they wouldn't have to carry them. I thought this was a good idea so when I came up I gave him my larger suitcase, it would have been very difficult to get that down the narrow isle in the airplane.

 I was flying Delta this time and the plane was very comfortable. My seat was a window seat next to a lady and her husband. The lady was nervous about flying. During take off she made sure her seat belt was tight, tapped her legs up and down, and only glanced out the window twice. Her husband on the other hand, didn't seem to be bothered at all. We exchanged about five sentences during the entirety of the flight and that made me feel quite homey next to these folks. (In comparison to the complete silence and "don't even look at me" of other flights I have been on.) During the flight I realized at some point that yes, I did check one of my bags, and that yes, that was the one that I had my snacks in. I was hungry, and peanuts didn't cut it. I had a stop over in Minneapolis and as I watched a never ending steam of bags glide smoothly over the conveyor belt only to be hoisted up and thrown unceremoniously into a luggage cart, I realized my banana was not going to make it. "My banana is going to be squashed." I muttered.

I got off the plane and started off for my next flight. On the way over I passed a coffee shop and over heard this bit of conversation from a college age boy, skinny with light brown hair, "...cookies and muffins and things..." Also through the passageways shoeshine stations are scattered against the walls. Two chairs are lifted into the air so it like your on a thrown when you sit up there. I  have a vague memory of sitting up in one of those chairs sometime years ago. It makes you feel like everyone is looking at you. A black man sat on one of the steps and was shining a businessman's shoes as he talked on his phone. It was a long walk. I went on seven or more of those moving sidewalks and passed the couple I had been sitting next to earlier. They just stood and let the belt take them. I hurried on by and passed them.

When I got to the gate I had about forty minutes to wait and was really wishing I had that banana of mine. I went to one of the expensive airport restaurants and bought a snack and a bottle of water.

Cheese and chive scone with a square water bottle. hehe squares are cool. ;)

 I took my time eating it and when I was finished they were just boarding the last group. This airplane was even bigger than the first, very roomy. My seat was in between two men. I don't remember who was by the window but the man on my left was interesting. He had a dark beard, short of stature, a bald spot on top, wearing tan pants and a dark red and black striped collared shirt. He was from a different nationality, but I couldn't recognise what. He spoke English but when he called someone on his phone he spoke a different language. He looked worried as he looked over his important looking papers throughout the flight. He ordered ginger ale. I got orange juice.

The flight was boring. I read from the Table Talk magazine, and that's about it. When it was over I got my bag from the bin over head and stepped out into Indiana. After a consultation with the signs and a kind black man with glasses, I charged for the baggage claim. It took a long time for my bag to show up. I was getting worried, it had been at least thirty minutes. Eventually it did come through and after calling Mom I sat down on a bench to wait. First thing I did was to pull out my snacks. My banana was mush. Ooowy gooey brown slimy mush. And it was all over the inside of the bag including my granola bars. Ick. I was still hungry so I fished out the granola bars and ate them. At least the inside wasn't covered. About fifteen minutes later Mom and my little brother arrived and I followed my brother to the truck. Indiana was cold and damp, plus it was nighttime. The three of us took a midlin' sized drive back to Aunt Rita's. I was glad to be in a familiar place again with the rest of my family.

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