Sunday, September 23, 2012

Arizona: Part Two

Monday, September 17

I spent the morning packing my things and getting ready to go to my grandparents. When they arrived I said goodbye to Grandpa Larry and brought my things out to the van. I was happy to see them. :) Grandma was glad to see Dixie too, said she had missed her. Grandma had a birthday present to drop off at her friends house so we went there first. She was at work so we just left the package on the door. Next we went to Grandpa's grandsons house and dropped something off there too. I don't remember what it was. Jake came out to meet us, he was just getting ready to head to his football practise or something. After that we stopped at McDonald's and I got an apple pie.

That's Grandpa in the purple. He does not have a beard.

They had packed a lunch so I pulled out a peanut butter jelly and had my pie for desert. Dixie was walked and then we were ready to make the drive. It wasn't very long and soon enough I began to recognise places from when our family was there last winter.

Grandma and Grandpa live in a 55+ neighborhood. Everything is clean cut and perfect, not my kind of a place but pleasant all the same. It was a matter of simplicity to settle back in to the familiar place. The dogs remembered each other. Suzi was excited to see Dixie but Rex has always been shy.

Rex is the little dark haired one. Suzi is wearing pink.

Tuesday, September 18

The next day was spent doing errands. I went grocery shopping with Grandpa, helped Grandma take some things to the storage unit,

This one is from Grandma's camera.

and mailed off a package to meet me later that week in Indiana. We didn't do much around the house besides that. In the evening I walked Dixie with Grandpa when he walked Suzi and Rex. He always walks them in the morning and in the evening after supper.

Later that night I showed Grandpa how to get to my blog on the computer. He likes to read it but forgets how to get there. I saved it into the favorites bar so all he has to do is to click on the button.

Actually, all the pictures with the date stamp are from Grandma's camera.

I also showed them some pictures then went on google maps and showed them around Belize.

Wednesday, September 19

In the morning I woke up to find the neighborhood, Mrs. Elizabeth, was out on the front patio drinking coffee with Grandma. I came out and sat with them and they talked and I listened. Grandpa had gone to the doctors office earlier that morning for a blood test. Eventually Mrs. Elizabeth left and we went back inside. I began getting things ready to make breakfast. Not long after Suzi and Rex erupted into a flurry of high pitched barks. Someone was at the door, I answered and the man introduced himself as Dean. Grandma was at the door in a jiffy and I followed them outside to look at the trees he had come to trim. While we were out there discussing which limbs to take and which to leave behind Grandpa pulled into the driveway with the van. I hurried inside to start on breakfast because I knew he would be hungry. He had fasted since dinner last night.

I made breakfast burritos and Grandma took one over to Mr. Dean. Grandma and Grandpa really liked it. I had to stick toothpicks into them to keep them from unfolding. Later after breakfast when Mr. Dean came back to start trimming he told me, "Sweetie, that burrito was delicious."

Grandpa had to go out again to get some medications from CVS so he was gone when Grandma and I made a parade with Mr. Dean down the side walk. ;) He was carrying a big arm chair that he was going to store in his garage for my grandparents. Grandma pushed the trash can and I carried the sheet. About halfway there Grandma sent me back to get her cane. I ran down the side walk and passed the Mexicans working on putting a house in. They looked at me kinda funny. Hehe :) When I came back I was walking and twirling the cane around. I would have laughed at myself if I saw me.

When I got to Mr. Deans house he had a cold water bottle waiting for me. We all went inside and visited for a while. I like him. He reminds me of South Carolina because every time he addressed me he'd call me sweetie.
Dinner time. :)

Later that day Z----- came over to bring me back my money. I had left all of it behind at Grandpa Larry's and I had to have it with me on the airplane. So he made the long drive over and stayed a while. We had lasagna, salad, and garlic toast for dinner. Afterwards we took some pictures.

Z----- went home late that night. I stayed up even later packing for my next airplane ride, this time to Indiana.

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