Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Am Going To Miss....

So I haven't said much since announcing our move. Things have been busy here at home. Packing, cleaning, sorting, paperwork, occasional waves of amazement and overwhelment, packing, working, worrying about how many books we can take, and oh, did I mention packing? Let me clarify, almost every possible thing is out of the bag and only some things are in, what is in, we are not sure if it is going to stay in. Packing.

My home comes to mind. I've lived here since I was eleven years old. Before I moved here I left my other home, I had lived there since I was born. Now I am going to a new home. Who knows how long I am going to live there. What make this place my home? My memories I guess, so many things have happened here. I could talk and talk, my home is so lovely.

I am going to miss so many people here. People at work, my church family, (I really mean family, they are so dear to me.), friends, my piano teacher, family again... There is so much here. I mean, we're moving, leaving, going away. Far away. To Belize, another country, in South America. Wow.

[I am leaving my dog behind!!! D': I am going to cry.]

I am going to miss going up to McDonald's (on occasion, its not a regular habit.) and watching and listening to the old people talk. Old farmers from the area go up to McDonald's in the morning. They order coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and a hash brown with ketchup. They sit in their jeans with suspenders or overalls and talk about the weather, about their corn, or soy, or their garden. They talk about health, how poor they are in that respect.

I am going to miss driving down our road, I will miss slowing down by the neighbors house so I won't kick up gravel dust in their garden. I am going to miss waving to our elusive neighbors over the hill, I'll miss our swimming hole, and the trees and fields.

I'll miss visiting my aunt and uncle and little cousin.

I'll miss recognising the different vehicles that drive in our town and knowing which house they belong to. I'll miss the farmers market, and watching the never changing and always intriguing interaction between two human beings. (Yes, I am a people watcher.)

I'll miss a lot of things. I'll miss my home and this part of my life.

But, I am still looking forward to this new section in the story. This is a turn of events that the previous chapters of my life only hinted at. What is going to happen? What other new memories am I going to have? I am excited and looking forward to this. I will try to update everyone as our trip proceeds. We have not left yet but are going to soon. No doubt there will be a post about the three day bus ride across Mexico...

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