Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Moving!


The majority of this post is a copy of my facebook status today]

Well, I was going to make a blog post about this, but I'm just not up to the task of creating something well written and trying to explain everything. Simply put, our family is moving to Belize. If you've kept up with my blog and my own and my family's facebook status's or know us intimately you might have an idea why. If not, well I don't have time or know how to explain all the details.

To those of you I see at work - Victoria
, Mr. Gary, Marshal, and Kaitlen we're not friends on here so maybe Victoria can tell you, and Deb you too, but you're not on here either. Sorry for y'all to have to find out this way. I was going to tell y'all last week but I messed that up, I was waiting on Mr. Cliff and he was waiting on me... I thought it would be best to tell y'all before the dinner this Thursday.

For anybody else I tried to tell as many people in person as I could so if this is your first notice of it please don't be offended.

It is a big decision so I would appreciate it if you kept us in our prayers.

You can go look it up on Google maps if you don't know where it is. It's bellow Mexico and next to Guatemala, the coast line is the Caribbean Sea. It is 75 miles wide and 100 something long. A small place.

My feelings on this are all positive. I am very excited about moving. :) I think this is what God is calling our family to do. While this decision was in the process I was just not restful. We went back and forth for a while and when we had decided on staying I was just not satisfied, it didn't feel right. I could see God's hand pointing so clearly to Belize that is made me feel awful to be staying. But now its finally decided and we are going. I am at peace. This is a good thing for us. On the other hand I do have the normal feelings, I am going to miss so many people here in the states. But God is in control and I know this is what He wants.

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