Monday, July 9, 2012

Solar Oven!

Our camera has been lost for a while but my brother found it yesterday when he was cleaning out the truck. We are very glad to have it back and now I have no reason to not post about the solar oven I made. I've got pictures and everything. :) So, here it is!

First I looked around online and found a blue print for one. I printed out several pages...

and pieced them together.

After taping them together and cutting them out...

It folded up into a nice little square like this.
Although it still was a pretty good size, it got in the way a lot. :)
About a week and a half later, during which time we were at Presbytery, I resumed my project.

First I traced the pattern onto some cardboard. It was actually a piece
of poster board and I was afraid the bends would interfere with
my project. As you can see it wasn't quite big enough but it didn't
effect anything in the end.

Then I cut it out. :)

When it is done it will fold up like this. I was eager to see what it would look  like so I folded it before I had the tin foil on it.

Almost done!

I watered down some Elmer's glue, (except it wasn't Elmer's. ;) and used a paint brush to coat the cardboard. Then I slapped on the foil and let it dry.

And so you see, here it is. :)
We set the oven on the trampoline where it was sunny. My sister made some cookies and this was the first thing we tried on here. (Besides when I heated up some leftovers. Sadly I wasn't watching and the dog ate it right out of the oven.) Unfortunately the same thing happened again and when she wasn't watching the dog ate three of them off the corner.

It worked but was very slow. We ended up finishing them off by cooking them over the fire. They tasted good though. :) And that is about all we've done with it, I want to try using it some more but so far we've only met with limited success. I haven't given up entirely on it and think it's worth a few more trys. I get to count this as a science project for school - but I had only tried this out for fun!

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