Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tales of a Little Munchkin

What does one say? There's nothing but the usual, what I normally say. We've been busy!

What have we been busy with? Well I could tell you about the new solar oven I made, or the garden my brother is doing, or the fun time we had when my older brother came to visit, or the shed my dad and little brother made, or how big the baby is growing and what a bundle of joyous trouble he is, or about the chickens. Maybe I could tell you about my recent endeavours in getting a lot of my school done, (I did two days worth of math yesterday. ;) my hopes of graduating soon, or about the recent swarm of butterflies that have taken over our place, or suppose I informed you of the monkey we have living in our woods. What would you say to that? I'll tell you what the boy at church said, he insisted we did not have a monkey in our woods, monkeys don't live in the Mid West don't ya know? But how would he know? He wasn't there, he didn't hear it chattering angrily at our dogs or see the blood spots they came back with. Maybe it got out of the zoo. Just a thought here.

Yes all that has been happening and much more. More than I could tell you. But for right now I am just going to tell you about something small. Something that made me smile the other day.

It was after church and we were having a fellowship meal. We had driven over to our old meeting place which is exceedingly beautiful, with plenty of open room to run around outside in. On the patio surrounded by lovely plants of all descriptions we had the meal.

Four of the boys sat at a table close to the food table, everyone knows that the close you are the more food you can get without being noticed. Well the two older ones came up with a line they were going to come over and say to us girls at our table. The little boy that was sitting next to them heard what they were saying so he ran over real fast and told me first before the bigger boys could say anything. The little munchkin came up to me, craned his neck to look up and said,

"Hey ------, I found your note it's in my business card."

I laughed and was thoroughly confused. What is he talking about? I looked over to the older boys and they explained.

"It was supposed to be 'Hey ------, I found your nose, it was in my business again.'."

This was said with a big grin and further explanation on how he had ruined it and they wanted to say it.

Also when I came to the food table to get desert the four boys at the table called to me,

"Hey -------, -------, -------!"


A wave of the hand, a sheepish grin, "Hi."

They kept on doing it over and over so I ignored them. I selected the best peanut butter cookie from the table and a small piece of cake. As I was leaving I called out to the little munchkin,

"Hey, -------, --------, -------!"


A wave of the hand, a mischievous grin, "Bye."

"Hey!" along with some other grumblings coming from the mouth of the little boy, followed after me as I returned to my table.

It was after we had finished playing capture the flag and had a drink of water when all the young people headed over to the front lawn to play blob tag.

One of the older boys, seventeen to be exact, came up behind two younger boys about eleven and twelve. He took a hold of them and started singing,

"Ninety-nine bottles of beer on  the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer!"

He dragged them along in a wobbly line, the two younger boys were laughing so hard they could hardly get any of the words out. Then the seventeen year olds faithful follower, the little munchkin, saw what fun he was having. He dashed after them as fast as his little legs would carry him, singing

 "Ninety bobs-a-beer, ninety bobs-a-beer!"

at the top of his lungs. His little brown eye brows were raised up high, his fists pumping as he chased after them. I watched the whole scene and put it down in my head to write about it later.

It's the little blessings in life. :)

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