Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Gallery

[March 16, 2012 Well I guess I won't be adding any more pictures to this page because I've got plenty of pictures in my posts. I made this page before I knew how to put pictures in the posts themselves]

This is the remains of our house. You can see the red shed in the background. Most of the front half was destroyed. The windows were broken and we got water damage in result of the firemen's hoses. Dad called Scrapper Dan and sold him the metal pieces of whatever he could salvage. This is a later picture, you can see that Scrapper Dan has already taken the big steal frame of the house.

These are the goats and our big dog Remus. They had all ran off when the house was burning. Thankfully they came back. The goats like to dig around in the ashes and sniff at things. (They also like all the normal goat stuff like jumping on cars, playing king of the hill, and other goaty things.)

Grandpa Larry, Mom's dad, has an insurance office in Arizona he came back for the week and we went to visit him. He and the boys are working on putting up the new table Grandma DD bought.

Levi, Grandpa, the baby, and Grandma DD pose for a picture. Levi doesn't like pictures so this is a good picture... especially since he is smiling!

Aww isn't he cute! He's got dimples. :)  We never had our picture taken together so I thought it would be cool to have one. This is still with Grandpa; they live on a golf course.

Going out to eat at our favorite place, Mozzios Pizza, recently renamed to Mozzios Italian Eatery. We sure do look like a happy bunch don't we?

My beautiful mother looking at the menu. Dad is laughing with Levi, they always have something to laugh at.

[March 16, 2012 Sorry! This link is no longer available because I deleted the album off of my face book account.]
Okay, copy and paste this link below into your search bar and a photo album will show up via facebook. This way people who are not my facebook friends can see the pictures. In this album are pictures of the the conference "Preparing our Sons and Daughters for Marriage" that our church held early October.

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