Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Peanut Butter

This picture was taken after the fact. I didn't think to take pictures while I was doing it so I had to set it up this way. :( 
So a couple days ago I got this notion that I wanted to make peanut butter. There was a deal going on at the grocery store for buy one get one free on a jar of peanuts. My unsuspecting Dad brought home the nuts and immediately I declared I was going to make peanut butter. Well I didn't make it that day or the next or the next and before I knew it there was only half a jar left! This morning at breakfast Dad was spreading some all ready made peanut butter on his pancakes, a privilege we children rarely enjoy. Well I wanted some of that peanut butter so I asked Mom if I made peanut butter today if I could have some right now on my pancakes. She said yes, the deal was struck so I had to be sure to make the peanut butter today. And I did.

 I got out our big black blender and the half jar of peanuts. In they went, the blender was plugged in and I started the blades to whirling. The peanuts clattered around and then turned into a somewhat wet course kind of powder... Hmmm that is not peanut butter. Maybe I needed some oil. We had Canola oil but I didn't want to use it even though the flavor wouldn't be as strong as olive, because nearly all canola is made with GMO ingredients. Well this was an experiment so I added the olive oil.This made my peanut powder look like real peanut butter. I scraped it out of the blender with a spatula and into the empty jar. Walla! My peanut butter was ready! 

Mmmm Yummy.  :)
It tasted slightly of olive oil but other than that it was good. I don't think you are supposed to add any oil, I have seen the grinders at the stores and the only thing that goes in there is nuts. I don't know why mine was different, maybe because they were roasted peanuts? Maybe you're supposed to use a different kind? I don't know but this way works too. I'm thinking if we buy peanuts in bulk I can make our own peanut butter and surely that would be less expensive than the jars in the store!

Finished jar of peanut butter. Remember, I only had a little bit peanuts, next time I will try to make a whole jar. :)

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