Friday, February 17, 2012

The Joys of Siblings

Just an account of what we three middle siblings did today at Grandmas:

Well we went out on the river again. This time we took with us Jill, Jex, and Pappy. We started off headed for Nelsons Fishery, the same place my grandma used to boat to to get groceries. I wanted to go inside and see if there was somebody that might have worked there a long time. I wanted to ask this friendly white haired old man if he had any recollection of my grandmothers family and to see if he could tell us about our great grandfather - who I thought must have surely brought his boat full of fish there to unload. (Grandma later told me he actually took it further down river to Allen's) When we arrived we tied our boats and dogs to the root of a tree growing on the shore laden with oyster shells.

I brought my idea up but unfortunately, my brother did not want to go ask so I never did get to see if there really was a nice old man, I guess he must remain in my imagination... Instead we went to see an old building right next door, I think it used to be a restaurant, the little building is now in a very dilapidated state. I peeked in the windows, not much to see, just rubbish and debris.

We returned to our boats and the whining dogs. We swapped boats and riders around, this time my sister and I would take the big canoe and our brother would pull the red one behind the kayak. (Evidently he thought it would be faster this way, and he was right. We girls are really no good at steering) The three dogs would ride with us. The two of us started out first and our brother came up behind us. There were many sea birds flying around, floating on the water, or diving in to catch a fish. Jill, seeing a pelican could not be restrained any longer. She jumped out into the middle of the river, and promptly got a jerk on the neck from her leash which was attached to the boat. My sister and I screamed and screamed and then pulled her back in.

As we rowed our brother commented on our *truly awful* steering. We tried to defend ourselves but gave up and ignored him. With a shout "Onward!" we continued our way. This brought to mind the song "Onward Christian Soldiers" and my sister and I commenced to singing it at the top of our lungs. The whole song was punctuated with fits of laughter and we didn't even make it to the end because at that moment we ran into the tall grass of the marshy bank with a thunk.

When we got back to Grandmas place my brother decided to have a little fun. He rocked our boat sliding the dogs from side to side and pushed Pappy out into the water so he could swim to shore (he didn't have a leash) My sister and I hollered, then even louder when he started letting the water pour in the side! He pushed our canoe around and splashed us, we screamed and splashed him back. But, he was relentless, my sister was *forced* to jump over board. Only I was left to defend our ship alone. My younger brother was so ferocious in his *attacks* that he nearly capsized the boat. In stead of being on the water like this _ the little vessel was like this / Not unexpectedly, I was toppled into the water with a scream. My brother laughed and laughed. I yelled about the cold water and got the salty stuff in my mouth which made me sputter. Oh goodness, I was soaked; but I was laughing and having fun.

When we got inside my baby brother crawled up to me and grabbed onto the end of my skirt wanting up. He made the funniest face when he discovered the wet material! We were all three sentenced to the showers. This time the water was warm. After dinner we watched Little House on the Prairie.  :) Oh the joys of siblings. :)

~Sorry there are no pictures!~

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