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Bacon Chicken Dumplings

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This recipe was delicious! The only thing is that it needed more bacon and I think not so much dumplings although Mom said it was just right. And, I really don't like it when recipes call for other recipes! Like poultry seasoning (I don't have a bottle of poultry seasoning in the spice cabinet) and biscuit mix. I looked in a recipe book for the biscuit mix, and didn't bother with the poultry seasoning but just added the spices I normally do for this kind of thing.

Savory Breakfast Muffins
Click here for the recipe. :)

This was a good recipe. Really liked it. :) There were just a few things I did differently. It needs more bacon, I added onions, and cheese. Besides that I did everything just the same. My family loved it and I could hardly keep my older brother from eating all the leftovers. (The leftovers that I was saving for HIM!)    haha ;)

Acorn Squash Soup

2 medium acorn squash or butternut squash
3 c. chicken broth
3 c. milk
1/3 c. packed brown sugar
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 c. creamy peanut butter

1. Half the squash and scoop out seeds. Bake in the oven upside down at 350* for an hour or until done. It helps to add a little water in the bottom of the pan.

2. Scoop out the flesh and mash it up in a bowl or put it in a food processor.

3. Put all the ingredients in the pot except peanut butter and heat thoroughly. When it is hot take out a cup of soup and put the peanut butter in it and then add it back to the pot. Cook a little longer and then it's ready to eat.

This recipe was super easy. We cooked a pumpkin a few days ago and made a bunch of yummy stuff with it. I saved out about four cups (one very full quart sized bag) in the freezer and just put it in the refrigerator two days ahead of time to thaw. One thing I almost always do with recipes is to add more seasonings than it says. I used a lot more nutmeg and not much Cinnamon only because we ran out. The soup is pretty thin so maybe next time I might add something else to it.

Breakfast Burrito

Click here for the recipe. :)

I made this for breakfast while I was at my grandparents in Arizona. They loved it.

The only thing I did different was to add mushrooms and use bell pepper instead of chili pepper. I didn't count how many eggs I used but definitely more than four. I drained the sausage of course. As for the tortillas I fried them in the pan with a little oil, I don't use microwaves because they are bad for your health.

I made an extra one and Grandma took it over to the neighbor. He only lives in that neighborhood during part of the year so it was special him being there that time. He really loved it. Later when he came back about an hour later to help trim the trees out front he said to me, "Sweetie, that burrito was delicious." :)

Now, just so my brother doesn't have any hard feelings, I did have this recipe and was meaning to try it even before he showed me how to make his egg and sweet potato breakfast burrito. But, the frying the tortilla part was all him because he showed me how to do it, I never would have
thought of it.

I had meant to take pictures of the burritos but I forgot to. The photo above is the one from the website.

Click here for a link to the recipe:
I did a couple of things differently then what it said. I didn't pay any attention to what is said about the meat or how much vegetables to use, I just used as much as I thought our family was going to eat. I basically only used this for the sauce recipe. I did have left over sauce but I think it would do great to put over stir fry. :)

1. I marinated the meat two days before making this. I used liquid amino's, lemon juice, A1 sauce, garlic powder, oregano, and pepper for the marinade.

2. I cooked the meat in the frying pan before putting it on the skewers.

3. I didn't have everything the recipe called for in the sauce so I just used what I had. I didn't use any mustard, (I only had an empty container.) I put in a whole onion, again I only had an empty container of paprika so I left that out, I used MSG free seasoned salt, I put in two cloves of garlic (I mean come on, one and a half cloves??) and a little less then a teaspoon on chipotle powder instead of hot sauce.

4. I didn't bother to count how much vegetable I used. I just kept making them till I ran out of meat and cherry tomatoes. Also I used both beef and chicken.

 5. I basted the kabobs in the sauce the entire grilling time and I put tin foil over the grill so as not to waste any oil by putting it on the grill itself, it would have just dripped off. This also helped to keep the sauce from dripping into the fire when it was cooking so I was able to scoop the sauce back up and dump it back over the shishkabobs when they were done.

Mint Pesto Pasta

This isn't my picture, it's the one that orginally came with the recipe. My turned out looking quite different. Prettier then this. My sauce was more colorful and I had fresh tomatos in it. Click here for the recipe:
I made this  twice, on Saturday and Sunday. You will need to make a double batch of the sauce, and maybe add more mint, I couldn't really taste it.
Knowing we didn't have ricotta cheese I figured we could use cottage cheese. Mom said we could try it. After getting everything started I realized we had no cottage cheese. So instead I used sour cream. Also I added onion. I forgot to put in the olive oil and put in too much water. The resulting sauce was not bad, but it did not have the flavor I was looking for. It tasted better when I added salt.

Learning from my mistakes the previous day this batch came out much better. We bought some ricotta cheese. I kinda just used the recipe as an idea and made some changes. I added onion, mixed dried basil in with the oil and let it sit for a while, I used more ricotta and Parmesan then it called for. I used lots more basil and lots more mint. Also definitely this recipe needs salt, I added it into my bowl after it was cooked. Fresh diced tomatoes makes everything look pretty and it tastes good too. One of the commenters said it looked like cat food. Adding tomatoes makes it look nice.

I made this to bring to the fellowship meal after church. Kept it warm in a crock pot.

Chicken Macaroni Salad

Carrots, thinly sliced, about four
Onions, chopped,
Chicken, cooked
Corn, I used frozen corn that I heated on the stove
Cranberries, (craisons), about one handful
Coconut, ...shredded, about one handful

I put all the ingredients, except the mayonnaise, in a big bowl and mixed everything together. Then I added the mayonnaise until it was wet and made the "I'm macaroni salad and I have enough mayonnaise" sound.

My first taste I worried that the coconut and cranberries wouldn't be right with the onions but adding a little more mayonnaise fixed it right up. Mom said I should right down the recipe; well here it is, it's not very specific. I posted it because I thought some one else might want to try it. My family liked it and maybe yours will also. :) I guess the reason why it was quick was because the noodles and chicken were already cooked and cooled. It didn't take long at all the heat up the corn.
I guess I should have taken a picture of it, but it's too late now, there no more left!

Peanut Butter

This picture was taken after the fact. I didn't think to take pictures while I was doing it so I had to set it up this way. :( 
One day I got this notion that I wanted to make peanut butter. There was a deal going on at the grocery store for buy one get one free on a jar of peanuts. My unsuspecting Dad brought home the nuts and immediately I declared I was going to make peanut butter. Well I didn't make it that day or the next or the next and before I knew it there was only half a jar left! One morning at breakfast Dad was spreading some all ready made peanut butter on his pancakes, a privilege we children rarely enjoy. Well I wanted some of that peanut butter so I asked Mom if I made peanut butter today if I could have some right now on my pancakes. She said yes, the deal was struck so I had to be sure to make the peanut butter that day. So I did.

 I got out our big black blender and the half jar of peanuts. In they went, the blender was plugged in and I started the blades to whirling. The peanuts clattered around and then turned into a somewhat wet course kind of powder... Hmmm that is not peanut butter. Maybe I needed some oil. We had Canola oil but I didn't want to use it even though the flavor wouldn't be as strong as olive, because nearly all canola is made with GMO ingredients. Well this was an experiment so I added the olive oil.This made my peanut powder look like real peanut butter. I scraped it out of the blender with a spatula and into the empty jar. Walla! My peanut butter was ready! 

Mmmm Yummy. :)
It tasted slightly of olive oil but other than that it was good. I don't think you are supposed to add any oil, I have seen the grinders at the stores and the only thing that goes in there is nuts. I don't know why mine was different, maybe because they were roasted peanuts? Maybe you're supposed to use a different kind? I don't know but this way works too. I'm thinking if we buy peanuts in bulk I can make our own peanut butter and surely that would be less expensive than the jars in the store!

Finished jar of peanut butter. Remember, I only had a little bit peanuts, next time I will try to make a whole jar. :)

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