Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Banana Bread, Stuffed Cabbage, and Macho Nachos

For breakfast the other day we had banana bread. We lost our own recipe so I looked for one online. This is what I found, I added some vanilla and cinnamon. I didn't have quite as many bananas as it called for, I think that's why the batter seemed kind of dry at first. I just added some milk and it fixed it right up. Everybody said it was great, I'm thinking this recipe is a keeper.  :) Click here for the recipe.
For dinner that same night Mom tried a new recipe for stuffed cabbage. I've never had stuffed cabbage before of any kind. It was wonderful! It tasted just right. Mom made a good job of it. We are going to be having that dish this summer if we can get our cabbage to grow. :)

For dinner last night we made Macho Nachos a family favorite dish. Black beans, corn, home made guacamole, home made Pico di Galo, sour cream, and cheese, all topping some hot, just out of the oven, blue corn organic chips makes for a real hefty nacho dish. :)

This of course is not our family, but you might enjoy the picture anyways.
Meal time is fun when we all sit around the table and talk. My baby brother joins in the conversation too. You see, he's been watching us and he's discovered how things work: you talk for a little bit and then break out in laughter. So this little guy will, at any given moment, I guess when he thinks it's about time for a laugh, burst into giggles or a big intake of breath with a huge smile on his face as he prepares for a laugh. Of course this makes all the rest of us laugh which encourages him to continue his habit of periodic laughter at the dinner table. Oh he is a cutie.

Our dinner conversations include a wide variety of things. The stuffed cabbage night we were talking about our plans for a camping trip. We're planning on going canoe camping next weekend. Sounds like fun. :) We're going to have all our gear in the boat and at night we'll stop at one of the camping docks they have conveniently built along the way. No mountain ranges in this trip (which reminds me I still haven't written about our second hiking trip in Arizona...) just water.

My brother and I tease our younger sister about the alligators."They're going to be coming out of hibernation and they're going to be real hungry. Mating season is in the spring" (it's on the edges of spring at my grandmas house) "the alligators are going to be very territorial."

And that is all that I have for a post, may you have a blessed day. :)

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