Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Appreciation Meal for the Right to Life Volunteers

Today we went to an appreciation dinner with Grandma. She volunteers with the Right to Life effort and they were having a banquet for all those who volunteer.

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The meal was at lunch time, they rented out space in a really cool old fashioned lodge themed restaurant. There were round tables all over the room with chocolates in the center. People filled the large room and the whole place hummed loudly with talking. Some people were busy setting up the sound and screen and others were getting boxes full of  papers set out on some tables. We were greeted by a lady wearing purple, Grandma signed in and we set our things at one of the tables.

One such box of materials as mentioned earlier.

Dad had ordered twelve copys of the 180 videos. He gave six of them to some close friends, one for them to keep and five to give away. We kept the other six for the same reason. Well Dad asked somone who was there if they had heard of it and he was going to give them to the staff. Tthey allready had them, several copies in their office. I guess we'll have to find someone else to give them to.

While we were waiting for things to get started my sister and I played a game of checkers. We used the chocolates for the playing pieces. I was silver and she was pink. I was the winner and my dad challenged me to the next game. We didn't get very far because by that time everything was ready.

 A short lady wearing black with glasses started speaking on the microphone. She told us she was glad we could all make it there despite the weather. She said we would have the meal first then get down to business. She handed the microphone to a tall man who was to say the blessing.

The meal was a truly Southern meal, aahh how I've missed that kind of food. We had fried catfish, coleslaw, baked beans, rolls, and some kind of potato chips. For desert we had peach cobbler with ice cream. For the drinks there was sweet tea or water, not even an option for unsweetened.

When everybody had finished eating then began the meeting part of it. A man came up compared their situation to the situation of Nehemiah. He gave a brief story of it, read some versus and said that like Nehemiah they were working to rebuild the wall. That they had to work together, but they also had to fight. He explained it much better so it all fit together just right. I was really glad to hear so much along that line. I figured that at a Right to Life thing there would surely be Christian principles behind the whole thing but I didn't expect to find God, forgiveness, talked about by so many different people. Each and every person who spoke that night brought God into it, he wasn't just there in the background, he was there at the center of things!

While all of this was going on young children were watched by some volunteers as they had a good time coloring and playing games.

It was mostly talking about what they've done so far, how so many people have helped then with their efforts, and what their planning on doing in the future. They told about the ultra sounds they do and how they get to pray over the mother and the baby in the womb, how they see lives changing. It was just really amazing what they've been doing at Women's Care Medical Center there in Robertsdale, Alabama. I was really glad that we got to be there.

Special framed pictures were given to the volunteers that had been there for ten years or more.
Open your mouth for the speechless, for the rights of all the unfortunate, Open you mouth, judge righteously, And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.  Proverbs 31:1-8 
 They have a walk coming up to raise money for their cause They instructed the volunteers how they can help let people know about the event and gave out packets of information to help them get the word out. Two short clips were created on a DVD and shown on the big screen on the back wall.

At the end of the event a prayer was said, people said their good byes, and others stayed to help clean up. I am really glad we were able to be there. :)

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