Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Skirts Vs. Pants

NOTE: Since writing this post back in 2011 many things have changed in my life. I no longer wear only, or even mostly skirts. I still have the same convictions about being a woman, and being proud, and standing out in the world as a Christian but the way in which I live out these convictions have changed.

Taken earlier this summer, my sister and I having fun in our new dresses.

Well It's been decided, I am officially a skirt/dress girl. I've decided to wear (almost) only skirts and dresses. Probably the first thing you may think of is "She thinks it's immodest to wear pants." or something along those lines. Well that's not exactly it. I came about this decision gradually over a course of years.

First it was just the idea that it was okay to wear skirts. That lots of people did it and that they were no different than girls who wear pants. They are not weird, ugly, legalistic or extremely old fashioned  homeschoolers. Yes, some of those descriptions may describe a girl in a skirt but it could also describe a girl wearing pants.

Then I began to think it was preferable to wear dresses and skirts. Not for any important reason, just that I liked them better and thought they were pretty. I began to wear them sometimes, just around the house when we weren't going anywhere. If we were going to town I would make sure to put on my pants again or my shorts. People would think I was weird, and boys wouldn't notice me. Then I began to wear skirts to town sometimes. Painfully aware at the curious looks I got, I tried to act as if I didn't notice. Once I even wore my skirt to Farmers Market where my brother and I were selling things. A friends of mine little brother said he didn't recognise me at first and my brothers friend made a big deal of it. I didn't wear a skirt to Farmers Market again and gave up on it for a while.

Then I got the flash in the face of if I was really giving it all for God. (read my post about it here And began to thing that I should wear skirts/dresses for a couple of reasons.
1. Skirts and dresses are feminine
2. They are pretty after all
3. Christians should be set apart from the world. (John 15:19, Romans 12:1-2, 1 John 2: 15-17, 1 John 3:1-3 and it's just a theme throughout the entire Bible both Old and New Testaments)

I didn't come about this definite decision because I thought pants were immodest. I have two pairs I am completely fine with wearing. However, almost all pants that I see are made just to draw attention to the wearer, in places I don't think should be advertised. I do think that the majority of jeans are immodest, but I am not crossing out all jeans everywhere.

What really made the final say was my studying for my presentation for girl scouts "Embracing Your Womanhood" During my preparations I saw all around me in our country that girls are constantly pressured everywhere to be it all, do it all; just like the men. I get the feeling that woman are trying to "get even" with the men. Be just as good. Well woman are all ready just as good, there is no need for a woman to take over the mans role. I wanted to make a statement that I am a woman and proud to be so and that I don't need to be a man to be as a good as a man. I began to see that the wearing of skirts and dresses were a perfect way to exemplify this.

Somewhere in the Bible, and I just cannot find the verse, (sorry!) it says that it is an abomination to the Lord for woman to wear men's clothing and likewise for men to wear woman's. I am not decided whether I think pants are men's clothing or not but I do know this for sure. Skirts are definitely more feminine than jeans so that is what I am going to stick with.

So after stewing over this for several weeks I started again to wear skirts again, more often and more boldly. (Is that the right word?) And I enjoy it. I love to find the perfect accessories to finish my outfit, and I am trying to learn to do different hair styles. I'll admit that is something I cannot do at all. I can't even braid, I just do pony tails, pig tails, pollianas, big hair clips or just leave it down. Yesterday my grandmother went through her big (and I mean big) jewelry box and gave my sister and I a bunch of old jewelry she didn't wear anymore. They are just darling! I now wear dresses and skirts full time, even to town. -gasp!- But come something rough or very active I will go to my closet and pull out those pair of pants and wear them.

No, I don't think jeans are immodest but I believe dresses are preferable.

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