Friday, December 23, 2011

Hidden Treasures

This is where I'm spending my time right now. Except I'm in the city part of it so I don't see all of this anymore. This was on a stop off of the highway.

I'm sitting here at my grandpa's house out in the desert, (it's quite amazing he has a front yard... with green grass. I have seen so many yards of pebbles lately.) and just enjoying life. I'm happy to see my older brother again, he's got a job out here at Chick-fi-la I am really glad about that. My little brother is so cute! He is going to start walking soon. *grins*

Since we've been out here in the west I have seen a lot of scenery that I don't usually see.... rocks, cactus plants, dirt, flat ground, mountains, oh and don't forget the long horned cattle... or the rocks. It doest seem very impressive over all, but check out these hidden treasures I found out here in the middle of the desert:

Is this a hidden treasure? Well yes, of course! Look who's standing next to me freezing her tail off! My little sister. (Why didn't I offer her a part of my blanket?) It's hidden because I don't usually think about it. I just love how pictures capture the memories forever.

This reminds me of snow... (Not that I wish it was here, I consider myself in good condition to be able to avoid a real winter this year.)

I just knew there would be something nice along the fence row. :)

And this is my absolute favorite! Dr. Seuss anyone?

And welcome to the beauty of rocks!

As we made our way from the deep south out here to the west I watched the scenery change and I began to think of the atmosphere in my home town, and where I grew up when I was little near the mountains. My grandma compared our place in the country to the greenery of Ireland, it really is beautiful. And I remembered the mountains and the sweet air. I thought about some of those times when I looked at the sky and exclaimed "Wow!" because of the beauty I saw there. I thought about how I detested flat places but yet there is a certain beauty to it. I remembered times by the sea shore with my Dad's parents, and about the city. City is not all ugly I can appreciate that too, at least a little. I just got a real picture at how beautiful our world is and how amazing God is to create it that way. I am so glad everything is not all city, or ocean, or mountain, or plains, or swamps. I love the diversity. That is what I thought about as I spent long hours looking out the window, I even got to see the Rio Grande by the way. :)

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